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Hurts me to say this is such a good buddy. I kid him all the time. He's the best in the league. Good. His Fred is Chip England has been unbelievable. He's been instrumental in a lot of the success that the Spurs have enjoyed over the years, and the best example of it is Tony Parker. When Tony came into the league, everybody went under defied him to shoot. Later on in his career. They never even thought about doing that. Tend to shoot off me. Smith foul. He just came in for Boston. Phoebe's Ion right in the lane cuts across the paper outside lines over three. He's got another one. Drop it in for Lonzo Ball. Good start for Alonzo. Two for two from downtown 1912 New Orleans 69 to play in the period rumbling down the lane and somehow finishing Erin. Wow, 65 all of it. He's getting a lot of playing time. He's up over 20 minutes a game. The last 67 games, so Red Stevens like the energy that he brings to the floor and we know he's an excellent shooter. You had him advantage. The number of times shot Brown through three in the left corner is good. Those points off turn over some of this plague New Orleans. They just simply gave it away the other end and Brown makes him pay. It's 1917 New Orleans, Boston as good as there is in the lead, converting turnovers. Blood Celtics and hit off his eye on angle left spins into the lane splits two defenders of the past. Billy Hernangomez runner won't go for 9 FT. Out. Put it off the back of the rim. Rebounded by Boston. Walker puts his head down tries to the right wing lei it up and in And Tyrone is called by Stan Van Gundy. And after being down big early down nine. The Celtics have come back all the way to tie it now here, the opening period. Time out, called.

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