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This morning's commentary brought to you by Wal Fed bank. On Fox last night. Here's how Sean Hannity tease the segment on the CDC dropping the outdoor mask rule. We'll highlight Biden's flipping him flopping and flailing on the issue of masks and one of his guests. Judge Jeannine Pirro joined the criticism, saying Biden was just trying to distract from the border crisis in the pipeline attack. Truth is, it's distraction Wink for team. Biden and their medical expert, Dr Nicole Sapphire, was also critical of the CDC, saying they should have announced you could take off all maths indoors and outdoors. We're quite close to that herd immunity. And so I think it is dangerous to say that you need 100% of people to be vaccinated to take off that mask. That is not true. And the CDC is gonna have to correct that. So everybody on the segment started out critical of the new mass cruel but One handed he brought up the breakthrough cases. The vaccinated members of New York Yankees was still tested positive for the Corona virus, and said he wanted to know how many people who get the vaccine might still get sick anyway and might even die. That's when Dr Sapphire suddenly pivoted and started talking like Dr Fauci, pointing out that the Yankees who tested positive had no symptoms, and that actually proves the vaccine is safe and effective about 100 near 60 million doses that have been given you have had a little bit over 9000 breakthrough cases, but a third of them are asymptomatic. And less than 1% of them die. The benefit far outweighs the risk When it comes to getting the vaccine ju it further say We just ignore the breakthrough cases. Yes, there is going to always be breakthrough cases. But I don't care about this breakthrough cases, and the CDC is actually updating the fact they don't care about breakthrough cases that asymptomatic cases again. We don't care. We weren't trying to get to zero cases. We're trying to save lives, so Even the channel that believes Biden is addled and that Fauci is one of the elitist lizard people is spreading the message that everybody should trust the vaccine. Because even Sean.

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