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Is delicious so enjoy yourself. There's also an artsy vibe type five more so oddly enough than in a typical bookstore these details as casual as they might seem would also appear to be strategic in two thousand eleven interview with the l._a. Times joe colom said that when he started trader joe's in the nineteen sixties he was inspired tired by an article. He read in scientific american about a huge spike in americans attending college. I felt this newly educated class of people would want something something different he recalled and that was the genesis of trader. Joe's widely choose pasadena as the first store location because he said pasadena is the epitome of a well educated town trader. Joe's is for over educated and underpaid people for all the classical musicians museum curator's. Here's and <hes> journalists he said this suggest from the very beginning trader joe's understood cream skimming targeting certain in kind of customer and letting the rest slide by as for the underpaid part of columns equation that would appear to be outdated an analysis despite time magazine found that as of two thousand fifteen trader joe's stores were located in counties with higher household median income than any other grocery chain including whole foods and about ten thousand dollars higher than u._s. median income but and this seems to be another key component of trader joe's success they also value value for galaxy is michael roberto found they usually set up shop in the cheaper parts of the expensive areas frankly in many cases there in sort of old strip malls so they've saved money on the real estate. The real estate firm zillow found that homes near trader joe's stores appreciate more quickly than homes in the city as a whole concluding that either trader joe's is really good at picking areas that are on the rise or for that. They are in part causing the rise. So how about about a new store in seward alaska that is kirk disarm us dream so i started a facebook page called bring <unk> trader joe's to alaska. This was in two thousand twelve. I thought man these guys. Maybe they just don't know what they're missing yet. <hes> and if i can create this facebook page and yeah i can get people around the state to start liking it and sending trader joe's an email to say we would really love to see your store here than maybe maybe trader. Joe's will actually listen to us so after one of his out of town trader joe's shopping binges when i come home with a suitcase full i like to to throw it on the kitchen table and take a picture of it and put it out there hopefully to motivate people to send that email trader joe's and let them know where we're out here. His facebook page got some traction about twelve hundred likes. I would say most of my friends in seward are aware that this is something thing that i would like to see happen unless you think to. Serbia is one of those guys who makes a facebook page for everything. No some of my friends might say i'm fairly politically active but honestly. I can't think of any other store that i might think to start a page to bring up here. Seward alaska does have a relatively high. Hi median household income but the population is a problem fewer than three thousand people discern. You concedes that anchorage a few hours away. I would be more sensible site for the first trader joe's in alaska and he'd happily make the drive. He just really wanted trader. Joe's every time i go to trader joe's and the lower forty-eight forty-eight they always look sideways at me when when i'm getting two to three hundred dollars worth of goods but i tell them you know it's because we live in alaska and we can get you guys come up here and since i started this page in two thousand twelve and they've never responded to single email. It seems a little unlikely right but hopefully they're going to listen to this interview and then i'll percentage will go up coming up after the break aac. We'll get into the economic details of trader. Joe's success will hear how they flip the script on customer relations just imagine if you would so what if you changed the rules what if you guys were both on the same side and will answer the question. We know you've been thinking what does trader. Joe's have in common with michelangelo. It's coming up right. After this.

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