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It was interesting for me watching the show last week in vegas because i was able to notice from those early days how much the shows had to change as well like all of the late night chosen america because obviously you will now in the era of donald trump as president yeah and in the early days you didn't really do politics is that was your thing and in a way it was all about entertainment in these huge ideas like couple carrio came what you would do with the case but obviously america and the world has changed onto trump and so as a result you now were flicked that in the shelve an actually get quite political as well as it was that tough eu given it was something that you had wanted to do it the stop well it's not that we it's it's so to force in that we that we didn't that we actively didn't want to do it's it's the i'm very conscious of the fact that i've only lived here now two years and ten months and so i often think i often think about it if a if a guy from america came over and did a show in the uk and just started talking about jeremy corbyn or to resume mayo brexit so all of those things that there would be a large amount of the country will go the how do you not you naturally just moved here i am so as it was very very conscious of that but then at the same time it sorts of it it it fails a bit like you for me it feels a bit like oh you know i got invited round to a friend's house off the skull for dinner and then halfway through the mail the mom and dad just started arguing and you're just have a guy white hang on a minute what's happened well what what you know and in truth it i don't even know.

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