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If I was in this business, I would be making so much money making people feel guilty about it. Millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars checks written. By these diversity by the government to these diversity trainers, and it's not having any effect. Listen to your friend Rob McKenna. Rob McKenna talked about that very thing. This very notion about about what I said, is that he talked. He knows people that are African Americans. They was friends with him. And he says, If you listen to their lived experience, it's eye opening. For most whites, including him. That's a step in the right direction. Okay, Good. By the way, When you go to these senators, you're not allowed to speak. You just have to listen because you're guilty by the fact that you're there, Kimmie. I want Tracy Taylor's Got to take a look at traffic forest time. I forget that music comes immoral, called the traffic bed for drastic bed. We go. I'm sorry. It's been that long. I almost went back to the old gal. That 1 70 that's causing some problems for drivers leaving just after 85th and heading out that direction there is slowing again is close to the highway, too syrupy, Sweet Mary self something for a flat worth 5 20 that's still in the right lane South and 500 commercial that the cell is taking up the left lane gets murdered. Issues down around south centers heavier traffic after highway 18. And the Valley Freeway's really stacked in from just after Valley Medical Center out towards to 77th traffic is brought to you by Amtrak has rolled out new safety measures, including enhanced cleaning, efficient air filtration and physical distancing. Learn more at Amtrak dot com. Cairo Radio, Real time traffic and Tracy Taylor big money with the progressive Home and auto bundle, So I finally bought that new set of golf clubs. Watch out Fairway. Here I come. This is not a real.

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