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Up for only $59 with Michael outside Michael Anderson. Dave Dill diners in traffic. A lot of us are in traffic east and westbound of the Southeast Southwest Freeway. Inbound traffic toward Capitol Hill is jam from both the 11th and 14th Street Bridge is at the end of cost, Um Potomac to go in on the freeway, No access to the third Street tunnel from the freeway, and the westbound paces further slowed because of a crash at one of those blockades. From New York Avenue. There's no tunnel access. You can't go south of 3, 95 Kiko, South and fourth Street. In fact, eastbound traffic on New York Avenue from Mount Vernon Square can't go any farther than sixth Street Northwest. More closures related to the work in the Third Street Tunnel, New Jersey Avenue was blocked between K Street and New York Avenue D C to 95 heavy traffic north and south Beyond between the 11th Street Bridge in Eastern Avenue. Normal volume delays Stafford County, Virginia. 95 southbound, heavy and slow from a quiet a Fredericksburg before Route three and near the rest area. The truck crash blocks the right side. North Bong multi vehicle crash between Stafford Courthouse and acquire exits. 1 41 43 left and right sides are blocked. You're getting by slowly down the center. 95 in Maryland. Less dramatic volume delays their Baltimore Washington Parkway into 70 north, bounder, Gaithersburg and Clarksburg Silver Diner is now open in Ashburn, Virginia, enjoy their award winning menu featuring American classics and healthier options like their new vegan roasted tomato entree. Silver Diner much more than a diner, Dave Golden W T o p traffic, We turn now to Storm Team four. Meteorologist Matt Ritter met Good Data lounge in the pool. Yeah, and we're not going to have to be chased away by any thunderstorms, at least for the most.

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