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And I think what I love buster and we haven't seen it all connect yet. But they've such a fun time like playing the game and you get the young guys and Jared clinic Julio Rodriguez. They haven't quite hit their stride yet, but you just get this feeling like when they do and they're so dang talented, you know what's going to happen. It's just going to further add. And right now, I mean, Jesse winker is struggling. I mean, there's so many of their players that are offensively not who you know that they can be. I mean, Adam Frazier is leading that team right now is another new pickup. And a lot of their offensive stats. But this is a team that you are like, just watching them play the game. They enjoy it. They love it. And I'm saying this watching them in the back in the last season. When you see a lot of teams just like grinding, they never look that way. They look like every day. We're fun to be at the ballpark. We're going to win this game and I'm hoping this is a team that gets into the playoffs. And I think this is a year when the casual fans learned the name of Logan Gilbert. Yeah? Yes. Stuff wise as a pitcher. And he's led their entire staff, and this is a staff, you know, like I said, it's got a cyan winner and Robbie ray. They've got some big names and Marco Gonzales and pictures that we've seen have success in the past and yet it's Logan Gilbert there with a .058 year aim so stupid and we'll see those numbers get more realistic, but he's been lights out and you're kind of like, wait, who is this guy? Where did he come from, especially looking at the names on that staff? He's the one that's been shining. All right, before you go, we got a bleach street coming up asking about the early season success of Francisco Lindor, who obviously has been so important to the Met so far this year. What are you seeing in the mets? Yeah, well, and honestly, single and smile, right? I mean, just to meet anything exemplifies like the ten year old and all of us that's like just giddy to play. And similar, I think, to Eric Hosmer and bob Melvin, I think bookshelf showalter has done the same with Francisco Lindor. I think he has taken the big market of New York and kind of narrowed it back into like, hey, you were a player that I absolutely believe in. And I don't know the words the buck has shared, but you watch the relationship. You watch the shots of them in the dugout and him kind of like arm around and talking to him. He definitely sees and understands the psyche of Lindor. It seems like and is bringing out the best in him. And you watch the mets and of course the biggest news is Jacob de Grom, you know, not on the staff and yet now you see like their entire pitching staff and the like so many pictures and you mentioned Logan Gilbert with a Mariners and you're seeing pictures within the mets organization that aren't named Max Scherzer that aren't Chris Bassett and the big names that we were expecting to carry the staff. Of course it's early, but that to me is like what gets me excited is at some point Jacob Brown is going to come back later in the season and this pitching staff is already the best in the majors so far. All right, Jess, well have fun on the broadcast and yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Bleacher.

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