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So outside of those three, yo kids and Gordon and will Barton, the leaders and minutes played this year, Monty Morris, Jeff Green, Austin rivers, bow Thailand, PJ Dozier, composer, who I like to call the pizziolo. Brin Forbes, like Zeke naji, what are we doing? What are we doing here? These guys are not only firmly implanted in the playoffs. They have been a really respectable team. Outside of jokic, who we're going to get into the yoke of it all this year, what surprised you, I'm about to nuggets in the ways that they're able to succeed this year. Well, I mean, honestly, I know we're going to get to them, but this is one of the things about jokic that I think people have to understand. His best talent or one of his best talents is how well he figures out what other guys are good at and tailors his game to those guys. So it's this team was not built to play the way they did this year. The team had to on the fly and be like, okay, what ingredients do we have? What are we good at? What are we weak at? All right, let's adjust sometimes game by game and sometimes possession by possession. Like how do we adjust to figure out what this is? So you just ran through that list of guys and like Monte morsa really good backup point guard. Low mistake. But he's not like, he's not creating a bunch of shots for people, you know, or like, nobody's like, he's not like the front line of any scouting report. But he does have some talent, so yolks had to adjust the two man game to now be a Monte jokic two man game. Jeff Green's good, but he's old. So he's got some good play. You know, he could play well, but I think he's actually played the 5th most minutes of anybody on this roster at age 36. So I don't like the guys are good. I don't want to sit here and be like, these guys aren't good. It's just that it's not a roster you would have put together if you were building a roster. It's just a roster that was left standing after the first week of the season. Boogie cousins says emerged as a key cog in what they're doing on a night tonight basis again. This guy was kind of out of the league and pretty much finished Mike Malone's like, all right, let's bring this dude in. And figure these things out. And I think that's what's sort of struck me this whole season. You know, you talk about Denver being under the radar because they're not seen as interesting because two of the three best players have not been able to hit the floor, but it's hard for me not to compare and contrast them to a team that's gotten a lot of ink in a lot of air time. The Los Angeles Lakers who like talk about the injuries and all of that stuff. That team was expected to compete and achieve some level of success this year and have done nothing and to watch your kids elevate this group in the way that he has is just remarkable. Yeah. And it's funny the Lakers you bringing them up though, 'cause it's tough, man. Like, I've seen some people make some weird, you know, yo kitch, LeBron comparisons. LeBron back in 2008, 9, a guy gets hurt or team's not great. He's pushing through. He's doing these incredible things. At this stage of his career, I think we all know he looked at the year and was like, yeah, this ain't it. I can't do that. He can't push delonte west and booby Gibson to the NBA Finals. Right. Like that's just not happening. Those guys are playing 30 something minute to game on an NBA Finals team, okay? He's not 24 years old anymore. Right. He's old enough now to be like, I'm not doing this to myself. I'm gonna save my ears or what have you, but yeah, that is what the, that is really what the nuggets have done this year and kind of been their mind frame. They started off so bad. You were mentioning guys that have played the most minutes. It's funny you said PJ Dozier, he only played 18 games this year yet. He's one of the top minutes guys for the nuggets this year, which is just crazy. So yeah, I mean, I don't know, this team, the best thing I could say about them is, again, they know they're not gonna win the title. I mean, yolks basically all come out and said, I don't know how good we are. I don't know what we can do, but we're just gonna see. We're gonna see what the best thing that can happen this year. And, you know, to get to hit their over 47 and a half was their pre season over, which, you know, that included Murray coming back. That included Michael Porter being healthy and yet neither of those things happen and here we are is, you know, it's a nice little minor win. You know, it's a small one. It's not a great one. I guess it's a moral victory of a season. So, look, and I do need to get. We do need to get to the yoke of it all, 'cause I think there's a lot to unpack here. And I picked him as my MVP about two weeks ago and I was just like to me, we talk about LeBron like, yeah, this reminds me of a LeBron thing where it's like, I do everything. I do everything. I scorn isolation. I am your best playmaker as far as being the de facto point guard. I'm our team's best rebounder..

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