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Instincts instincts where he knew it was time to go. The body tries something different. He went to the body changed the whole fight instincts to go downstairs and he showed himself to be a great finisher showed of all. Wow he really did. He showed himself to really know what to do with a guy when he's got a guy heard like customer said to me all the teddy big show. The guy knows how to get the guy out of there without risking himself but get him out of there and he got him out of there he knew how to get them out of there. What i'm describing right now to virgil tease for the fans of his out there for him for his people as doing a great job because he's becoming more than just a puncher he's becoming more than just you know that. That sensational young guys. We see a lot of them. Come along and we see a lot of them. Go along you know. They don't stay when they get to that point of finding out what the inventory. What's in a warehouse and does kin- disappearing because he is developing into a well rounded fighter not a punch only a well rounded fighter dimensional fighter. Were you supposed to develop into in his business. He's learning he's showing it. I was very impressed. I was really impressed impressed with his character the way he handled himself the way he presents himself and the way he does business in as squared circle and the way he answered the bell what he was tested again the best compliment. I can give i. Don't give them out too easily. You know that can defense know that. So i give them what i think. It's when i think i've found out that it's time to give it. I wait. I wait and i think it's time to say yeah he's becoming he's not completely there but he's becoming a complete fighter though. I'll finish with this. I said all these platitudes about him. Stay away from crawford. I know that they're throwing that name around and he's calling them out and he's behaving the way you want. Get to behaviors. You know saying yeah. Give give me the best give you the best. Stay away from coffin. I just think that crawford is right now. One of those different categories in one of those different places. He's one of those special. I don't think people know how special confidence i really mean that. I don't think people know he's got that little x. factor that that that gene. If you will. That makes guy special. I don't i don't think he's gonna get a chance hopefully to show that good. Get the fights to show that. But i don't think that everyone realizes steady quote house special. He is that hillary rise higher when the moment is higher to rise to. He's kinda guy. So i would just say no. Knock on virgil i just. I just gave him his greatest built up as you could give a fighter but you twenty three years old you know go after the win of pack yellow and and google you know or somewhere else go somewhere else. But i wouldn't go for and listen. I know when i say go somewhere else teddy. It's easier said than done because of the politics of the sport. You can't just go somewhere else because you're not allowed to just go somewhere else. Because there's there's borders signs up there. There's fences up does blockades up that. Stop you and it's all about what network you with. What promoter you're with you know who's controlling your career and way you can go. I get it. I understand that. That's unfortunate. i've talked about that before about that problem in the sport. So i'm not going to talk about it anymore. Right here I think you guys have heard me before you guys understand that problem. But the point. I'm making is find another place to go other than quoted for that for that belt and belt. Probably be the first of many because there's a lot of belts out there. Speaking of the belts one of the inconsequential belts and wba welterweight title. I don't even know what regular super intercontinental. Whatever they're calling it but was up for grabs two weeks ago. We didn't get a chance to talk about. I wanna revisit. Just because the outcry on social media justifiably so has been so loud. And that was the professor michael fox against must mastabas oughta venezuela three and decorated amateur career. I think he'd be into the semi finals in two different olympics or the quarterfinals one or the other but decorated amateur career. Three and always a pro. Michael fox gets a last. Minute is a last minute replacement in this fight clearly. The matchmaker didn't do his job. Because you know they were bringing in michael fox thinking he was gonna be a decent name opponent for this kid food and a right to food fools. Yup michael fox drops them as first time in his career. Master may stray goes down. And i mean the scorecards was so one sided. I thought fox won the fight. I'm dying to hear what you thought but one judge added seventeen eleven. I can't even remember name female outta miami. But as it turns out she's married to an executive or someone affiliated with the wb the wb because they put an interim title belt on the line in minnesota. They were able to insist on the judges that they wanted. Normally that would fall to the minnesota athletic commission but the wba got to bring in the judges they wanted and they delivered exactly what they were told to deliver a decision for my stray minus minus get knocked out. There was no way fox wins the fight so while michael fox has been robbed sent to the back of the line at least we could do is put them on the wall of fame here and get them up on the congratulations michael fox teddy. Tell me what you thought of the fight for us. Then we'll get to the wba. Just listen just to color and a little bit more of your point. You did a hell of a job with it. Mazdas for no confusion. He's a wbz fight. He's the he's there in term champion. Wba it is right. Because i get confused with all these letters yes. Wb we'd be asking. That's how i call weepy as we'd be collecting people onus news so it's the weepy s grow. It's that group that okay. Can i just wanna make sure. It's gloria martinez. Rizzo gets her just to. She's the she's the judge that it's been suspended for those who didn't see the fight..

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