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Caught offside with Agra gumming and JJ Davani. Oh, yes. Caught off side from the Upper West side of Manhattan. Andrew gulling, JJ Davani what's up or other non doing? Well, I've gift for you. You do should do this now as we've got a beefy pod yet as a big one. So why don't you tell the folks with coming up? Well, Craig Burley is going to join us one of our favorite people. I was thinking the other day there's so much going on in the league. And we haven't really talked to him in a while. So we're into a new year. Now, it feels like that he's kind of a natural person for us to want to talk to. So I'm excited about that. Always tremendous. He is and he will never be a new year new meagerly. He will always be find out. We'll find out may. I don't know. Maybe he thinks he plays golf wants to spend more time with his family. Who knows I doubt it? And then JJ we actually have a new feature that we're going to unveil today. I'm excited are you because that's kind of like an S eating grin that you have on your face right now. I know the feature will be good. I'm worried about the drop that using introducing. I've told you before music. Are my area. And I don't like when you go off in your own. It's called in the club. And it's basically going to be because we believe in the podcast space. Yeah. Like, we believe in in this podcast and podcast general we like to promote people listening to podcasters room for us and tons of other ones. So we have decided that when we feel like there's a certain club that is kind of general interest, maybe more than usual. We are going to search out for podcasts that are specific to that club. And we're going to ask people who host those podcast to come on. And we're going to have a conversation, and we will debut that feature today on excited about it. We're gonna do it with wolves because they've had a really interesting run of late having beaten Spurs. They just knock never pull out of the FA Cup. But then they did wolves things and lost to Crystal Palace. There's just a fascinating club in general. Yeah. The way they're made up their sudden rise to prominence although they were really good before. So we're going to talk to. Tim spears e n s wolves podcast. That's right. Which is going to be good because we are kind of fascinated by wolves and not just 'cause we live in America. And we love animal based teams. No, no, that's true. But will do. So you you say you have a gift for me because I we've been down this road before it's not win for my birthday present from a few years ago. Oh, yeah. That's never howling fair enough. This is now you did already show me a picture of this. But I this is the unveil that the nineteen Eighty-nine Tottenham jersey beautiful. I love it truly you wear that. Oh, yeah. Oh my God. All right. I want pictures. Nothing weird. I might sleep in tonight. What frank? Okay. You made it weird. I love it. Thank you. No problem. So they're fine. It's January night than our holiday gift giving his finally ended. I'm gonna put this back over there. Don't throw it folded gently my God. It's a sweatshirt we start with the care about Cup. And. And at the noise, I'll look for it while you're talking but earlier today, look, I don't know what to say about this nine nil thrashing for Manchester City. I guess it was good for Gabrielle. Jay's oozes confidence a guy who maybe wasn't scoring quite the rate that man city fans would have liked put four in today. Phil Fordham's confidence. Good enough to start against ninth in league won't opposition. Incredible. All I can say thank God. There's a second leg, we don't we need more of this. Mar Mark Ogden who often makes excellent points on the SPNFZ said there is no need for second-leg play the semifinals wound game the two games at a neutral venue. And it's just one game. You're in Iran. I genuinely don't know why care about Cup does have a two semi final especially when they've done all they can avoid replays..

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