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Lord and savior Jesus Christ and grow as a verb means to learn something, so but something in your head. That's what the show's about motivation inspiration education without any type of manipulation. That's right. No con games here. Not asking you for money not trying to solicit you for anything. Just give you some information. Pray you listen as verify indentify the plan of God for your life. And I certainly pray you orient and adjusted to the plan we've been on the radio for many years thirteen fourteen years now across the United States in select cities. And it's always interesting to get the letters and the people that are responding to the truth. Let me remind you that I'm not sure pastor, I am a window a door opening something for you. To show you where you can grow. There are men who are well qualified pastors that teach consistent basis more than just once a week. Like, I do on this radio show, and my prayer is that you will take advantage of their ministry, if you don't live in their area, you can get their DVD's or their MP threes or they're printed material, but they are solid sound teaching individuals that know God's word and do a wonderful job. So that's what your prayer should be that God would lead you to well-qualified pastor. So you could grow spiritually. And hopefully, I've given you a taste of what it means to grow spiritually today. We want to look at something very interesting. You know in your life from time to time, you may have some sort of criminal activity that you're exposed to. Severi possible that it could happen to you. And I'm going to dedicate. This message today to those who've been afflicted criminal activity it affected by criminal activity. Maybe you had your money stolen..

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