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W B A D W b a b com 7 36 b a P. Stevo as his art tradition and in many families, traditions we spend the day after Thanksgiving decorating the house. For Christmas. Putting the Christmas tree of, you know, decorations around the house things of that nature. Have you have you guys done that yet? Yes or no. We're we're deciding this year. We're not going to be here for the Christmas holiday. So my wife is deciding. We're probably not going to go with the full Monty. Okay? You're gonna have a tree. We have a tree? Yeah, right. But are you gonna pull it down? You know what I might I looked across the street last night. My neighbors put theirs up, right? Now in defense of my wife. The area that we usually use has been transformed into a kick. Say yes Studio, right? I was going to say yes, I mean their lights and cameras everywhere. So It's it's already crowded and we're into this less is more or better, you know, not clutter is not a good thing. Yeah, I'm with you. Um All right. I get that way. Got our decorations up on Friday. Shawn. If your daughter's not coming to town, sometimes you don't do it right? I do enjoy it, though. I mean, I won't decorate my house. But I do enjoy the lights and my neighbors have started put there is up to and it's like it. Yeah, And so it's interesting to see how different people's tastes are right. When it comes to the outdoor lighting. I am the old school. Big bowl? Yeah. Burn your house down kind of thing. There are you colored bulbs or just white ball colored bulbs. Okay, all right. Steve, What do you do Outdoor lighting. If if I do breath, I'm calling. Somebody didn't do it for you. I don't wanna hang up. I see the stories about all the people in them the hospital. Oh, sure. Yeah. Hanging on the ladder. I'm with you Well, so when we read in our house will remodel our house. I installed these led. They're not like you're just normal floodlight there like a It's a square spotlight thing right that change colors with a remote They were cheap. I mean, that sounds crazy, but then where they're very inexpensive. So I have three of those around the front of the house in front of the garage that I can change. So I have two of them Green and one of them Red now extended. So there's actually like Christmas decorations for the outside of the lot. It was simple, subtle, and it looks great. So the reason I bring this up is I have and maybe I'll take a picture of and put it on social media. I have a plastic Santa Claus. From when I was a kid. It's about Footing a half tall, okay, and it has one bold in the back of it that you plug into, you know, you plug that into the wall and so this plastic Santa that I've had since I was a kid is still with me when my wife won't allow it in the house, So it's it's It's in my office in my garage, which is where I have it. Where I plug it in at night. But then, But now I'm worried that it's gonna burn the whole place down. Because I went in touch to this morning was telling Shawn what? Grab it to show him and I burned my hands because of plastic so hot. I'm thinking What were we doing back then? It just is amazing to me that we survive past 1963. I mean, remember when the Christmas tree lights they used to get hot? Yes. And so hot that the paint would crackle off of it. No, Why don't you walk down the street gets him advice from your neighbor That leaves the lights up all year. Long year round. I know. Yeah, I'm an expert. But here's the thing. Here's what I should do that and this is what I've got to do is I think I need to get on led bulb for this thing. Yeah, that would work. And then then, then the plastic won't be hot and melting. Where's the fun In that zone? What nearly is warm, Will it What makes you think about how Christmas decorations have changed over the thinking? Remember the tensile used to put on the tree You used to think they still make that? I Yeah, I'm sure they do. It's just such a pain to clean up credible get everywhere. Remember going to my grandmother's house, riding on the package tray in the back window, right listening to you know, Elvis some Christmas music and staring up at the stars through the back window of our of our whatever crappy car we had, right? And use arrived on then you got to your grandmother's and you burned your hand on the lights on the Christmas story. How did we survive, man? One of my end riding my bike around with no helmet. Right? Dina skateboard with metal wheels. Exactly. One of my best memories is my mom on a Saturday night watching Lawrence Welk would get Make popcorn and then sharing the popcorn and that upon the tree we did that. And you know what we were doing. You got real fancy. Did she ever put Korean Berries on it too? Yes, we weren't fancy. Oh, yeah, we would. Do you know you'd be like, four popcorns with cranberry for popcorn and a cranberry? Yes, I remember that fun stuff, though. I'm gonna have to get Anneli d ball before burned the house down. I think, though. Speaking of the holidays, Joe Biden had a Thanksgiving message that we need to get into. We need to talk about this, but don't play with your dog, right? Exactly. We'll do that. Coming up on by the way, A Fox network health expert says that this is the worst idea ever around Christmas. We'll do that After we check traffic.

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