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Shred Marquel? Foltz on new one because Marquel Fulton shooting foibles were he can't actually shoot a jump shot anymore like physically it's heater physically. More Kilfoyle to shoulder. So jacked up at this point that he hits you to proper NBA jumper anymore or mentally. He can't get over to hurdle of be having his shoulder injured to the point where he's got the amount block effect of the actual mechanics of doing a repeated action over a course of time. They lose that ability. It happens with baseball players. I. Almost never seen a habit to a basketball player. But that's what Marquel. Foltz reminds me of. He reminds me of the catcher in baseball can't throw back to the pitcher. Or a second basement. No block who can't throw the first base. You know, it's just one of those things work. You see him trying to take jump shots. He was three or six. Yes. But again, it's an awful looking shut. It's like it's so unnatural of shooting motion. And if you look at the tape of him now compared to where was you'd swear it was a completely different guy. Like if you look at it. It's like you figured he had a twin brother who is not nearly talent playing in the NBA. You suspect that this was the same Marquel? Foltz play for Washington. But it is what it is. But Kemba Walker, you know, an elusive effort for the Hornets puts up sixty you know, goes twelve or throw from the free throw line. You know, he I don't know. What else you can do your hip Walker abbey? The truth of the matter is is that the Hornets are. Ab- low average roster toll has like Tony Parker's. Basically, they're collecting a paycheck because he can't really hang in the league anymore. But you know, if you look at the rest of the Rosser, it's just it's not a good team right now. There's just not that much else. You can say about it. I mean, it's just a case of you know. Kemba Walker has to do it all and Kim woke is a free agent coming up. I would not be surprised if Kemba Walker being sick of losing in Charlotte. Cubs over to the Dick's because if you got lose, well, it's a lose at home Eggy paid a lot of money by the Knicks. I mean, I know Knicks fans would like to see Kemba Walker to guard. They would answer kept Walker will be part of the solution. I'm I'm the. really sold on that yet. But I would like to see a Walker just for selfish reasons because I think he's a fun Blair to watch. But you know, at the end of the day, you know, walk. I mean, a Shirley is just a case of you know, Michael Jordan has just made a bunch of bad decisions. I I mean, the fact that he did extent Kemba Walker to begin with, you know, was a head scratcher because there's not a whole lot going out that team. So let's he's going to blow up the roster for the third time since he's been the odor of the Hornets in less than ten years because MJ is turned this roster over bolted times already, and it still has a work Marvin Williams were maids a bust there. There's no way there's no way of slicing it. I mean, it's thirteen years of being a complete another bus and he's still playing over twenty five minutes a game. It's crazy. But. That. And then they still got Cody Zeller on like there's some bad players like some bad player. So this Charlotte team is like. Anyway, I gotta get into the NFL action here because we're ready run behind schedule. So anyway, looking at the slate of games today. This is one of the hardest DFS slates I can think of to pick because. Honestly the truth. The truth of the matter is the pricing of the DFS Teves this year. I mean, especially for this week compared to the rest of the year. It's just all over the map. I just can't get a feel for what thought process the powers that be at draft Caixa fan duel had in mind because they got way too many keep options at running back. It's almost impossible to figure out what the truck plays going to be because they're a ton of great place this week. But let's get into the game picks..

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