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Accused of robbing at gunpoint of pharmacy ingesting stolen pain pills and then leading police on a state chase today baxter allegedly robbed the ponder pharmacy in the hague than community today around one thirty p m and stole several bottles of oxycodone pills police spotted baxter's vehicle on i fifty nine near trenton georgia they changed baxter at high speeds of up to one hundred miles per hour back into alabama the trees ended as the suspect left i 59 yourself for springs in dekalb county baxter is charged with felony robbery and is in the jackson county jail randle would thirty six of birmingham is the state's largest cities new mayor residents of the city of birmingham voted for change tuesday and defeated incumbent mayor william bell who only got forty one percent of the vote would've been finished with fifty nine percent of the vote in addition to combat city council members lost their seats tuesday as people and district to chose hunter williams overcame rafferty and in district five residents chose darrell o'quinn over jonathan austin would fan will be the youngest mayor the magic cities since david fox of eighteen 93 he is expected to take off his on november twenty eight president donald trump's message to the victims of sunday's concert shooting in las vegas quote you are not alone unquote surrounded by police officers the mayor and lawmakers in las vegas today president trump said the nation is with you many families tonight will go to bed in a world that is suddenly empty the people they so dearly love were torn away from them forever our souls restricted with grief for every american who lost a husband or a wife a mother or father son or daughter brought to you by attorney alexander shinora a man for the people this is the yellowhammer news radio network on jury home brian of you bear in pretty good randy mazey's since i started working with creek oh yeah oh yeah great coworkers happy customers in awesome do i made his though jail but this three properties in alabama with.

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