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I'm like they house at the house. And i've grown up watching for three and a half years and i don't recall you hosting any party but anyway i mean the gorge that a nice little of the event space. It was everybody came. Which was well you know. Everybody was vitamin who came came child. You know shot came. I last wish i sigh. We're do. She had little day alice foolish. Asa shocked sway hotel hurt. They line reminded me a little rick fox net and five silver fox hunting comes. He was very listen. Shasha might have thought you started a season. She going to be back on the show. She must have thought she was about to be a friend of a friend of the shell because they did give shasha a lot of time. I always hate how they do cherise though because if i mean i guess if you do because series has live from housewife to then friend of the show because th th the first after cherise was not on. She was like she felt like she was a housewife day. Just demoted her. Because she was the part of everything then the next season like we didn't see her much and then like this season she gets brought on like as like like her title was like kansas friend. I feel like bravo. You need to do our ex housewife's better you i. I would prefer it to actually say like former house away. Yes like why so shading. But anyway i thought she she she fights and she was. Cherie thurn is gorgeous. I don't know if have you ever seen her her son. You tell me. We had this conversation before podcast. We're on the phone both on the phone. Okay definitely but i have not seen. I think you might have sent me a picture. So the scroll back scrolled. I'll send it gear so anyway so the big issue is is that like or no. This is like would they try to set the tone. Is that ashley getting ready for the party. And she's talking to her husband and she's like yeah and i've heard from cell. That one's going to propose and michael's i thought would never happen. Let me tell you something. Michael was scorned jealous. Person who all he was acting like a straight up jump off like. Oh it's fine it's fine. Yeah it's fine. No it's totally cool. I know what's going on like. Oh we're totally. Yeah we're we're connected. Were sold our soul. Speak to each other child last season. He said he wanted to suck something. We never knew who he wanted to suck his soul known. It's take a couple of souls but anyway okay all right so yeah. So michael was totally.

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