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Are now offering Ortho Live virtual consultations with specialist during the Cove in 19 outbreak. Only Ortho has your back and your knee your hip, you get it only Ortho dot com Your life in motion Now, the Cola forecast with meteorologist Kristen Clark. Impressive Heat yesterday 98 in Seattle tied the record high for the day to reach 100 Everett Also tying the all time record high temperature for Everett. It was just amazing one day heat wave today not quite as hot even though we will see widespread highs in the eighties across Puget Sound, but that's a good 10 degrees cooler compared to Sunday afternoon. Thie Cool down will continue. High temperatures by the end of this week will be in the seventies and we welcome back the chance of showers to come Thursday and Friday. And the common Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Kristen Clarke and around Western Washington This morning, we're seeing a few of partial cloudy skies at 67 renting. For example, it's 68 at Sea TAC Airport at 65 degrees in Everett, with partly sunny skies, all the hottest temperatures of the year yesterday made beating the heat a top priority. Double Suzanne Francaise Covad, 19 restrictions made it a bit of a challenge. It's an obvious reminder, but an important one. Staying hydrated is key for everyone. TV, including pets, who can overheat easily indoors and outdoors angle like parking. Si tak big crowds, Everyone eager to get on the water bearing on my sending paddleboard. This is a floating cooler, so there's ah Some beverages, and I'm about to put some food in their most people staying socially distanced even come into the water. You know, you have to be conscious of people in sizes and groups and keeping your distance and.

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