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Third on those plays as much as those are your best plays. Let's try to get some yard. Yeah. The other thing I'm going to be really interested in watching his kind of how much hurry up both offenses, you know, because both both teams are so good at mixing tempo in having you know, being able to speed things up gets a line, really quick. Like, the Rams do it perfectly. They just run to the line. Get set in go. And obviously the pitches have been doing that for years. Brady's master executing. You know, the the no huddle offense, and and reading the defense and all that. And so I think the way that these teams use the hurry up. The no huddle stuff. I think is going to be key. Because like you said, they get you get the defense into a situation where you can take advantages and things. Well, it's also the hurry up it plays into these teams almost as much as anybody not because of their efficiency with the types of plays they run, but with a personnel involved riot because with the patriots if you're sitting there in twenty one and yet James seven on the field. But then you split them out. And you're trying to throw the ball out of that. We've seen them do that for years, and you do that most efficiently when you are playing fast with the Rams it's the same kind of deal. It may be the same personnel. It may be. Eleven all the time. But the way they use players in that scheme so interesting, and I feel like when we talk about sue on one side of the ball. And the guy on the other side of the ball for the Rams to me is going to be early. And I know that silly. But I'm just so curious to see how the Ramseys him. Now. Are they going to put his game? Yeah. And just in the ways they do it because there are two things I feel like that stick out with what Todd Gurley can do. And with the patriots might struggle with one. They're not as good on runs to the outside as they are runs up to the middle. We've seen when C J Anderson is in the game right now for the Rams. They wanna run these power plants inside that's their game. It's power power inside zone runs. When girl is in the game. They wanna hit the perimeter. That's the goal and use his speed. So are they going to do that more often because they feel like the patriots are susceptible to the other side of it is we've seen these linebackers for the patriots right Hightower Benoy all those guys puts affected the game close to the line of scrimmage. They're not as good coverage. Right. If you're gonna make them go out and say. All right. You get to cover Todd Gurley. Now, how is that going to go? And I feel like the Rams are gonna do everything they can to make that a real outlet. Make that reality. Do you think that the Rams are gonna try to get the patriots and sort of their more base looks because the patriots have the defensive personnel to like go dime or nickel? Yup. But then I think then you have the worry of the Rams are just content to run the ball. Which is like what they've done. I mean, you talk you wrote about it or this year. It's like, I think maybe it was Aaron Kromer said we get guy we get teams out of base pretty quick it real fast. And so what are they gonna do? And if the patriots are going to sit in nickel when you feel like you can't throw you want to a little bit do. The Ramseys more twelve throw the ball. And then they usually. Yeah. They warn sharp. I was reading who's on the podcast today with Kevin. I was reading his game preview earlier today and the Rams are just excellent throwing out of twelve in the red zone Monday. Gonna try do that other areas the field through the feel like that's something they can replicate because it's not something they do very often. So right. I mean, that's what this game is all about it's all it's. It's tendency breaking it's all that stuff that these both of these staffs are extremely good at you. And mean, who has the tiniest edges wanted all comes down to it? I tend to lean toward the dude who's done it for twenty years, but we should not underrate..

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