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Driver of the mope. Ed was thrown from the vehicle and hit a light pole. He was not wearing a helmet. At the time of the crash. Red flight conditions have been in effect for the Hawaiian Islands today with low humidity and gusty trade winds. The possibility of brushfires is there. Ah, fast moving brush fire that broke out yesterday and prompted evacuations in central Maui is about 95% contained now that blaze breaking out near Mongolia on Sunday afternoon winds called a little bit last night and into tomorrow, making the fire easier. For firefighters to handle and a hold of the loo Student is in the running for the 12th annual doodle for Google competition. McKenna Hughes entered the K through three great category She's now in the top five finalists. One lucky winner will have their artwork featured on Google's homepage for 24 hours. And the student gets a $30,000 scholarship from the news radio 8 30 Cage Beach News Center. I'm John Mathews. Stay up to the minute online at K h GH radio dot com. Finding the next job is a big job and that part of what you do is a little tough right now. Because of that lows for pros is here to help get $400 and leads on us with a free one year subscription from home advisor to connect two jobs That makes sense for you Sign up it lows for pros dot com slash pro loyalty to get started. Just one more reason why lows is the new home for pros. Now, let's get to work. Subscription and 400 hour lead credits to home advisers approval in terms Fella for new Home advisor customers. Only Those loyalty required more terms of libel through 99 years old. Free I heart radio APP is number one for music, radio and podcasts, All in one discover a new podcast from our library of over 350,000 titles. Here's an I. Heart radio podcast preview were just tearing. The search is underway for three year old British girl has gone missing in the Algarve area. Portugal cannot describe Wish this way are feeling the pain of our beautiful daughter, My parents of Madeleine McCann and now considered formal suspects by the Portuguese police authority, way, lovely days. When you just wanna get to do it. I just want to be in a coma till it's over. My name is Mark Solano, Conoco.

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