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So I'm walking to the bathroom, and Greg Cody is following me. And he is saying, Dan, I got the runner up in a couple of honorable mentions. If you wanna keep doing high coups, and as I'm walking back up just trying to get that off of me physically scrub it off of me, Stu gods hits me with a finger gun and Charley Steiner, Dan. Falcon air. Yep. That's my nominee. So put it on the pole Guillermo at lebatardshow who had ESPN most looks like they would be a falcon near someone who could train falcons and bring them back to land on their arm is it will Cain. Is it Adam Schefter? Is it Tom Rinaldi? Is it Tom MEES? Or is it Charley Steiner because these are very, dispirit Schefter and will Cain. You have being sort of a flamboyant. Falcon ear do you? Not. Oh, absolutely. Because generally, Steiner's just grinder as a falcon Lia, right? It's not just good at it. But it's not because he's a showman. Right. Like schefter. We'll okay they look good with the falcon. You're right. I truly Steiner's just grinding it out great analysis by I think, we're being sexist here. Because when I look at doors Burke, I see her with with the big with the big leather glove. Wow. Yep. I also think Zubin Mahinda. Great one. My go ahead and put all those on the poll, please gear at lebatardshow. Are there any other women and the other women who looked like they might be falcon ears is is? I really wanna follow this to wherever it is that it takes us. You know, why? Because it takes us away from Greg cody's haiku channel. Give us some more sweet quality Gooding. I you quality coup. He's bringing it back. And he really is. So wait a minute. Hold on hold on. Because I I don't want to do this. We got a big breaking story, literally a breaking glass, Stephen a Smith has been under attack. There's a Turkey vulture? I don't know what other information Billy's been calling everybody at ESPN to try and get to do more and more reporting on this. He's also what is that called? What is it called the FBI chart that you're now putting behind you to to turn into conspiracy? I think it's called the random picture registering string chart, I think is the official name of the FBI uses. I have some more information. Now, the facts are coming in a little slower. Now, I don't know if there's a gag order. What's going on? But we have obtained exclusive images you see one right here. Where it appears as though they are now removing the window. Now, this is a second floor window. It seems to be from the pictures. I've seen earlier today directly above the campus store. So this is on the second floor above the campus store awning. There's a ladder. There's two men on the ladder. They seem to be re. Moving the window. Now is the Syracuse orange one of the people fixing this window is the Turkey vulture in any kind of pain. As I previously reported, there appear to be a lot of blood. I don't know. I mean, I'd assume there's pain involved if there's a lot of bloodshed, but I'm not one hundred percent. Sure. I haven't heard from the Turkey vulture? We haven't confirmed though, if the blood is coming from the vulture are we talking to win horse about animal control is back on the scene. I was just I was just informed animal control is back and so- jacked up and ready to go. So animal control is so jacked up and they're ready to go back on the seat. Okay. Thank you, Gary, please keep us updated. Anytime you need to break into the show to give us any kind of news updates. It's the president of the day. And like this is like the Super Bowl for animal control. Right. Like, if you get this call you're like, this is it this is why we do this is one of the sweeter assignments..

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