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The vancouver draft obviously That was one of the more that was one of the more interesting draft for rumors at that. Draft was the first time. And by the way i should say i think kucherov is hurt. I think he has a rib injury. That is a problem. Courtesy of scott mayfield. Yes that vancouver draft was interesting That was one of the more. Rumor filled the drafts and there are all kinds of things. We thought we're going to happen. Tyson berry was gonna sign with the vancouver canucks. That was the first time i had caught wind. Maybe you knew it. Before that we heard about neil for lucci each and man kucherov name was everywhere like all over the place with wild stories of humongous trade. Now obviously none of them came to fruition. But normally you don't hear that about you know elite level old superstar players. I remember remember flying back from the vancouver insane while man. Kucherov name was everywhere. Like every conversation had what's tampa gonna do here. They really gonna move kucherov. Like jeez i never thought they were going to. I never never even though. I mean you heard the name out. There mean. that was huge on the floor. It's certainly on on the on the first night. What do you think happens next game. Do you have a good on this one. Like the first ten minutes. You suspect to is all going to be montreal. I don't know. I mean there's such a machine the lightning i feel that chris johnston should be tweeting. The tampa bay as a jogger. Not and maybe that will get montreal. Badging okay we have a lot to get to today so that is game three a commanding three. Nothing series lead. We all wait now monday. And game for a lot of news and notes plenty to get to a big signing in minnesota that's making headlines duncan keith continues to make headlines as well and la in nashville Consummated trade all. That's next thirty one thoughts. The podcast kicks off with the bod presented by the gmc sierra eighty four. Okay welcome back to the podcast. Alongside friedman We want to keep these tighten bright as possible. I know we get wordy. I believe eliot refers to it as loquacious so.

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