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And the great books and pumps tires thanks to all those partners great partners that we have here at W. T. M. J. I mentioned before I what's a break so I talked about this the other day in in the aspect of why do people seem to want to still travel and I get to one of the you know callers reminded me that there's some people that they have to travel for whether it's public safety reasons or some of the other official governmental functions I get that but I continue to see and hear ads for cruise companies airlines and I'm wondering why in the world when she reviews those resources to bale yourselves outs in the midst of this crisis and it's a real crisis in your I know you're feeling it and I feel bad for flight attendants I know a bunch of them there's a travel out for work this is a tough time some of them you are still find some arts and there's nobody on these planes except for the few people that are somewhat surprisingly still choosing to fly around nine I know those deals out there to get that drives some people and motivate some people still travel for the life of me I cannot figure out why a cruise company that I get to work I had a new work until next year I get all that but it seems a little tone deaf to me that I see ads coming into my email almost every day from company like Norwegian cruise line's version cruise lines when I see the stories that brought up against those where there are cruise ships at this moment in our world there are essentially floating prisons because the people can't get off they can't dock anywhere and on the case in the case of one ship there's people that are dead on the ship there's other people that are now sick with covert nineteen that's the best way you can utilize your resources you're telling us you're losing money but you're still pumping out has not get some of the stuff is paid for ahead of time again how works but it seems to me that the timing of it is probably as horrible as you could as you would think I'm just curious from a from a listener perspective is this going to impact your decisions on travel long term not short term we yeah we don't we don't advices stay home again unless you absolutely have to but long term are you still going to go to Italy let's say a year from now I have a trip planned this fall I have no idea at this moment whether my wife and I are gonna be going to Italy or Greece or Turkey or the island of Sicily I have no idea if that's going to happen and to be completely honest I'm not sure that I would want to go given where we're at right now the things could change quickly and although I have to do to change that quickly just curious eight five five six one six one six twenty second mortgage talking tax I only got a few minutes but it is going to change your plans in the future will you reach us we try to travel more in the United States North America perhaps we don't have to leave the continent I'm just curious what people think about that I don't get it enter the cruise companies and this is one of those things that drives me nuts they all have off shore designations right they all registered for it as for companies that want to pay taxes here we have there now asking US taxpayers to bail them out not gonna happen shouldn't happen it's unfortunate maybe need to make better decisions quick break back after that.

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