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If you're in a low lying area fox is Rachel Sutherland has more live in myrtle beach South Carolina there's a heavy rain storm surge and door in the main threat along the Carolina coast especially in the low country including historic Charleston so you will have a collision a war right there along the coast South Carolina governor him remake master urge people again to get out but plenty of business owners and residents are staying put tomorrow. we're not going to go out. people here in myrtle beach spent the day filling sandbags tying down anything that require rounded boarding up businesses Lisa ray to the storm sat over the Bahamas for a day and a half devastating the island's president from saying eighty is on the way very well set up and put a Rico and we didn't have to worry about it because fortunately miss Porter Rico but we're taking some of the supplies from other places including Florida well we didn't have to use them and we're gonna brief bringing them over to the Bahamas seven people in the Bahamas are confirmed dead fourteen women suing ride sharing company lift claiming they were sexually assaulted by drivers one of the women suing Gladys had suggestions for lift like having cameras in the vehicles and doing a live interview even just over Skype before someone becomes a driver also needs to be a random drug and alcohol testing because my driver was smoking crack. she was held hostage for five hours before she was raped last fall.

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