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That's so great to get out of here and I'm like my kids aren't doing anything. Spectacular right like my nine year olds just a regular nine year olds right. She's not an asshole she's not you know what I mean. She's not like wacky. She's just quiet just did. Yeah my son's ten months old. What's HE GONNA do? Not Now. Should himself today guys. Hey guys congratulations. Then he aid and then he showed himself again. Yeah you might shoot himself tomorrow. Yeah he wakes up and grabs. My nose isn't that funny. Yeah no it's horrible because Greg. Yeah so I find when I go into it nowadays. I'm like yeah I don't WanNa do that anyway. I don't WanNa talk about my kids anymore. It's not that I'm trying to protect them. Just like you're boring so your your career. Is You have this very sort of coveted position. I think of of also having an amazing international business which is a very tough thing to get. I think for at for American comics. Because we're so I think. A lot of American comics underestimate their value international really. Yeah I think a lot of a lot of you guys don't realize how popular you are in other countries. Maybe I certainly don't tooting my own horn which I I don't like hung by myself. But I have always been told in all these other countries that I was their first introduction to stand up. Oh how like? They didn't know what it was until they saw me and then they discovered other people. Was it just for laughs? As that was that was that was. It would have been youtube in two thousand five when it started off. God somebody put my whole act on there and then it just went around the world. Yeah and that's what made the international base really strong and like you go to Mongolia or you go to Malaysia. Or you go to India and you find out. What was your introduction? Russell Peterson yeah some countries. They didn't know what it was called is called the what that guy did. Yeah and basically if you it's not like you have to get like you have to go to India and get a billion people to come out. It's just like a point one. You're good yeah exactly exactly exactly and you still. You still can have a healthy touring business. So do you when you go to different countries do you tour the countries themselves. Or do you kind of go to like one hub city and then like everyone comes out too there you go to the majors. No and then and then as it starts to spread Stockholm originally And then you would end up going to Momo the next times it goes Taco Man Momo and then you're Norway's right there so let's go over to Norway and then you start spreading out just just a just a natural spread. It is interesting because I forget like I have some. I have a couple of friends who are Norwegian and one of them just happens to be obsessed with stand up comedy like knows love Stephen Wright Hedberg and all like and he said look you know in Norway. We got a lot of western. We got a lot of American stuff and he said well what's comedy like in Norway and he goes. Well we're we're we're coming around to it like there are comedians now but it seems like if you had the time the focus which you have have done of going around the country. There's probably a lot of underserviced standup countries where you could like. It's even just showing up even if they didn't know who I'm GonNa go see this because it's a thing I haven't really seen four and then they I imagine they're very loyalty because like you said that the first person you saw they're great to me. I have no complaints about it at all. Do you have to does your set change. No not necessarily now. I mean you might. It's like doing the road here. You talk about whatever you saw in their town right now you write one joke for them right and then you do. Your Act is it. Pretty much is is comedy pretty much a common denominator language in the sense that like every culture likes having stuff pointed out about it like do they take differently in each word as a pretty much. The same basically. Here's the thing is that everybody does ultimately we all do the exact same things? It doesn't matter what country you're from and what color you are or whether you're male or female it doesn't matter. We all do the exact same thing but were so narcissistic. We think we're the only ones doing right and someone points out you're like Oh my God. Yeah and I'm like. Oh you know Indian people are cheap and then and then like Russians and be like cheap. And then you know you got you got the Scottish go now where Jimmy and then every. Everybody thinks they're this right. And then my dad I would say my dad Blah Blah Blah and they go my dad my dad and then it's like yeah exactly what I'm trying to tell you. We all the exact same thing but there's nothing unique about us right. I mean I remember sort of coming up in I guess. What would it was Chubby? Chris then that was Chubby. Oh you remember Chubby Chris. That's so nice. It's so weird to see like skinny will. Now it's been like fifteen years but it's still. It's why I had a name for that guy. Called Him Peter Hardwick like he was the drought pater but it was. It's funny that you remember that guy but I but I often you know like coming up with kind of the moral tentative comedy scene where we'd get really snobby about club comedy and so oh. I know all about it. I look back now and I feel like I'm sort of annoyed with myself over because you get you can say like look. There's a comic on stage and he's fucking talking about airplane food and it's like yeah but the people that came out to that show don't think about comedy one hundred percent of the time and maybe that's the first time someone pointed that out to them. So maybe maybe you might consider it like a topic. That's been tread on before. But maybe this person has a take on that you have overcoming that snobbery to realize like hey like maybe if we're not so stuck up about stuff we could reach people that otherwise wouldn't would not understand our whole like super super ironic form of comedy that is for just people who are comedy fanatic. We're in the Uber sub-genre We're living UBER. Sub sub genre world. Now you know I always liken it to music and you can. I like how you know in the early nineteen hundreds or we listen to one style of music exactly and you like music. I sure do yet. Here's some and then you go to the forties and then like the big band stuff started. Ooh were in the big band and rock and roll started. And that's where it started to divide. Ou like rock and roll. We're into big band jazz. And then rock and roll came in and then rock and roll splintered into heavy Metal Glam rock soft rock class. You know yeah and then disco started and then then rap and then hip hop and hip hop started sub genres. Yeah everything started to splinter and everybody started to find a niche. And that's what comedy comedy comedy from the seventies onwards it was like Wacky goofy then. Oats Guy Swears. Oh hold on now. It's getting darker. Hold on a second. What's that all about and black comedy white comedy? What's this and right? Stoner comedy and then it just started to splinter again overture prior you can just tell stories about your life in honest and authentic way easy. It doesn't have to be like Super Junky. Does you have Steve Martin. It can be Steve. Martin was like extra goofy wacky. Yeah and it was hilarious to me with the he was my guy. Grind Love Steve. Martin I love Steve. Martin I love Cheech and Chong Yup I remember listening to Somebody brought the forty five to school of sister. Mary Elephant Remember that's catch. You know it was like. That's how Brilliant Teaching Jong was that. They made a sketch that you had to listen to. There was no film or video of sister. Mary Elephant Yeah and it was a schedule as a two minute and thirty seconds. Sketch on a forty five. Wow and we would listen to it in class. I remember crying literally crying. Couldn't breathe laughing listening to this thing and that was also a now. We're getting into old guy talk but that was a period of time where you would listen to the same bit or album over and over and over now you know we've become such a consumer culture that it's like you watch or listen to it. Like there was a time I saw already. Yeah that's where like specials you know used to be really special because you would listen to it over and over again. Now it's sort of like a marker of the stand up that you've done for the past year to and you're about to start over and it definitely helps and you have a special on Amazon but I don't know how special but people in General People Watch it once and they're just like more and more and more you know like there's so many more or they're like man more or Matt those check boxes you my friends that my friend pointed out that goes like yeah in the early days of film you could just film a horse walking up stare staircase because no one had done that before. That was like mind-blowing. Yeah look at that horse. Oh my God. That's all moving horse up estate. How'd they do that? And then I'm seeing on the wall and there's new horse on that wall and then it was like then it had to evolve than the horse and they needed special effects. The horse had to be walking through space and then they'd had to be all these different. You're right the sub genres and so do you think it all kind of re coalesce at some point or are we so far. Down The tributaries of sub-genre culture that there's like no going back into the venture tie itself back together. You think so it has to. You can't stray. You can't say that far from from from the mother right now and not come back to it because eventually it's going to. It's like stretching something it's GonNa get so thin that it doesn't matter anymore right and it's got to come back to to where it has some substance again. Yeah I mean it blows my mind to think that on any given night like in the seventies that forty million people would watch which you know. The population was lower back then so that was like a real considerable chunk of this country. We're all watching the tonight show and they were watching you know if a comedian put out a thing everyone thought and now you can still have a big thing and somehow not everyone knows what it is. I look I I've had. This is my ninth special. I haven't done one talk show. I haven't done one I I don't. I don't know if I was refused. It doesn't it doesn't matter that or it really doesn't. I'm like what difference does it make. Now Yeah I think there's two there's two shows that definitely madder to do and that'd be that could that that that would be that act like Carson type of thing and the seventy s and it'd be Howard Stern right or maybe Joe Rogan experience right. Those are the two that that people will actually pay attention to right right right right and the good news is friends with Joe Ben uses. I've never done stern. I never have either. No no for sure you would have done. No No. I've never done either but I think that's why when all the COMEDIANS. You should really do. Rogan'S PODCAST I don't know if he's done ours really has he's impressed because he hasn't do anybody's. This was a few a few years ago but it. I think it's part of the reason. Why all the COMEDIANS gravitated toward podcast because we realize while there's not people aren't doing comedy on TV much anymore. Me When I did eventually get offered to like Corden. Yeah they're like they want you to do stand up ago. I haven't been doing stand up thirty one years. I'm not auditioning on TV again. Right Right Right. Just nothing personal. It's just like I tell stories I'd like to what's the four minute young every piece of this set kind of relies on the context of the other pieces of that. It's like here's a piece of the Mona Lisa. Which isn't I need to see the home visit. The hand is at the I. Amount. Yeah you need this whole thing. I completely agree with you. It's sort of hard to figure out it's great for new comics. Yes because they're doing seven minutes sets in the club to line. Joe Comics. Yeah you can just lift out to two or three lines of jokes and Super Fast High Hijo per minute ratio. Yeah it's it it works. It's set up for a very specific type of comic but the good news is that it. You don't need to do it so you just keep tour. Yeah I mean I don't care either way anymore. Why it's not GonNa make a difference not gonNa Make Dent. I was I was just in Columbus and Brian Regan first of stop bragging. Sorry I don't mean to bring out my highfalutin words like Columbus Ohio but I will be there soon. It's a great town at the punchline. Was that the no the funny bone. I'll be at the funny bone and it's super high end like Grove Style Mall. There's like all these comments. Yes I was. I was kind of giving the crutcher. Is that the one where the hotels directly across. Yeah update that mall or something. Mall is insane. There's like a Louis Vuitton store coach store burberry and I was asking the crowd. Like what do you guys have a Louis Vuitton store? Your median house prices. One hundred sixty five thousand dollars and of course they laugh and then I would meet people afterwards. And they're like we like to spend money in Columbus Ohio. They've just going through a period of financial boom boom like consumerism. Because they're everything else is so cheap. Yeah I guess so. Cheap houses cheap cars but regan came by after his show was the same night and he came by afterwards. We were talking and by the way Reagan one of the nicest human beings on the planet and I love him because he just he doesn't get to hang out with comics at his shows because he's isolated and writers that he does so he just loves to cause. I saw like a week or two after my show he was hanging out with Jackie. Maria Bamford at their show at night..

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