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Full diapers. Anyway those are the storks so Those guys are this. Killing children. Now, the cult also ran schemes. Shaffer sold stock options between one hundred and four hundred rich people who came seeking some life secret would have valuables go missing while they were there weird one woman one woman had to rings worth five, thousand go missing and she told, Shaffer and he said quote nothing is lost in the infinite you can think back in your experience. Oh thank God. So now, Napoleon and Roselli's marriages collapsing. He's never home. She thought he was cheating and hired a private investigator. Now soon after book how to attract money and men was published she hired a divorce lawyer. And the Pi confirmed it. While he was traveling she sold everything they owned in so. Now. Napoleon has nothing again. Okay. She then went and married the divorce lawyer Oh good Lord that guy was like and. Also if you WANNA come over later, we can kind of get over some of the finer detail points I really just WanNa. I know how hard it is right now. I'm and some really really small shorts I. think that's probably shorts oh gosh. Divorce I call them divorce shorts. That's what I call but yeah. I I mean I would love to come over but I just I'm so raw emotionally got a i. got a big Tub. It's called the worst tablets where you can relax your divorce. This is purely just you getting me through my divorce. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No this is actually what divorce it would seem predatory otherwise no, no no. This is completely one hundred percent. What divorce lawyer is part of our job I've never been divorced before so I can't. Massage is. A massage tubs hot tubs I didn't know the top was hot. Take off your clothes just whatever whatever take off take off your. Okay. So yeah every interest if I if I go to another attorney, this is the same..

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