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Some one it's not clear which officer snapped a photo and that's it that's not what should have happened even someone who's just watch forensic files knows police should have kept the tile evidence praying it from the apartment bathroom floor so that it could be properly measured in analyzed short of that they at least needed to include something in the photograph for scale instead they shot an image of the footprint and we're done with it brandt eventually realized that more should have been done with a footprint but by then it had been scrubbed clean in cross examination patten asked brandt about the police were on at the scene patten wouldn't it have been better to chip pop them remove those tiles brand looking back at it now yes sir it's obvious that it would have been a better decision to do that that he flubbed this footprint evidence matters especially when considering what happened the first time he met william virgil a week after rica's body was discovered at that point virgil had just been taken to jail for nothing more than leaving the state of ohio without permission a violation of his parole here's virgil describing what happened next uh that up as well to go with a goal new labor report more parole also they arrested me for allegedly being a stable of listen which i knew i had been out of state up two different states you know so i didn't know which one it was could see this say right and so mark bryant came in there and he sent on start talking to me and he he he told me his name but he did say anything about you know i do a cop you know me would be to say anything about a murder.

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