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We'll guess what? Congratulations. You got it. He's returning to Capitol Hill today to conclude his testimony to congress will be a closed door session. So we're not likely to hear what the questions are going to be or what his answers are. But he's doing so coming in to Capitol Hill today as the apparent leader in the clubhouse when it comes to credibility. A new Quinnipiac poll indicating that after last week's testimony American voters trust Michael Cohen, more than President Trump and in the past forty eight hours. Michael Collins, lawyers have released more checks from President Trump issued for Cohen for the purpose of reimbursing Cohen for alleged hush money payments to stormy Daniels. In fact, one of those checks issued on October eighteenth 2017 well after President Trump took office shows, President Trump took the time to sign a thirty five thousand dollar check to his lawyer one of eleven occasions that Trump or his trust cut, those checks six of which were provided to the New York Times this week and are expected to be released to the media as a whole. Now when asked yesterday in regards to what they thought of the situation, the White House referred questions to Mr. Trump's private lawyers. Jay, secular, one of the lawyers had no comment and a lawyer for the Trump organization declined to discuss the matter, and that was on the heels of the Wall Street Journal reporting yesterday that Michael Collins lawyers spoke to President Trump about a pardon at one point in time. And it's a little unclear right now to who addressed the situation. I coned lawyers are saying that the pardon was dangled to him and Trump's lawyers are saying Stephen Ryan Collins, former lawyer raise the issue of the pardon. But in either case the fact that this has been reiterated by Rudy Giuliani as a conversation that happened maiming some more trouble for President Trump as in. If you lied to congress, I will give you a pardon or whatever that would work out to and equate to in regards to President Trump size. And again, that's got to be something that's provable on some level. But at least it's raising some flags here today. This feel so much kinda like the Hillary investigation were now that you have a Democratic Congress. They're opening up all kinds of cans of worms and to try and impede so to speak the president presence in because I can't find anything that makes me say, well, this is all about the Muller investigation into Russian collusion, which is how this all started. But it is like the Bill Clinton investigation. Whitewater turns into blue dress. Yeah. There's a certain element of that. That happens. You know, everybody says you follow the the lead you follow the money. You follow where all of this stuff goes in with Muller investigation. Remember, they turned over information that they found in regards to Michael Cohen to the southern district of New York. And then that's when the FBI rage and everything sort of happened from there, and that's how this whole process began in regards to the unraveling if you will of Michael Cohen, so yes, this it all sort of does stem from that same concept of falling leaves when you're looking at things like, for instance, the New York state regulators issuing extensive subpoenas against the Trump organizations insurance brokers because Michael Cohen indicated that the Trump organization inflated value of its assets to insurance companies, they don't necessarily the group that's doing that investigation. The New York state regulators don't conduct that kind of education, but they do refer something that they find it illegality to prosecutors. So again hits that if you find something sketchy u handed off to somebody that can enforce from there. All right. We'll see what happens. Thank you, Michael Michael Bauer. Joining us here on Kentucky was like we were talking about Al. Six customer does.

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