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Forty one degrees nobody's been found in what's left of a home that burned on Caitlyn driving union Kentucky no official word yet as to whether or not it is the missing woman who live there though that is the assumption being made by investigators the fire happened on Tuesday the woman who live there has yet to have been accounted for Joe deals is running for Ohio state rep in Clermont county but he isn't getting as much support in his primary races before his statement and inappropriate behavior called on each you ask him to withdraw it can't see that is Jean Tim can the chair of the Ohio Republican Party they had endorsed deals in the primary that he's currently running but now it's come out the deals had an account on Ashley Madison dot com that's a dating website geared toward adults who want to cheat on their spouses deals has said his wife knows about the previous company had she supports him he says he's not going to leave the race and celebrating the life and all the work that led into preserving that life at the Cincinnati zoo the star attraction of the Cincinnati zoo is celebrating her third birthday today Fiona the hippo enjoyed a special birthday cake yesterday at the zoo as officials marked her remarkable survival story Fiona was born in twenty seventeen weighing a dangerously low twenty nine pounds she is now up to twelve hundred pounds and showing the sass that her keeper say is expected for her age the zoo is celebrating this weekend Westerman brewing released a team feeling of beer today graders meanwhile is working with Rookwood on a second release of one thousand Fiona.

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