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Four wide receivers in on the play one back in the bank filled that is johnson king under centre on second down and four throws out to the far side in it is incomplete i attended four edgerton on the far side an getting in there to defend four pine creek was the eddie kyle in cairo of course big day on special teams ram back upon fifty five yards for a touchdown third and along four here from mesa ridge four wide receivers in on the play for dj king johnson the long tale back king takes a snap back to pass facing a from his blindside gets rid of it throws down feel the incomplete the defensive back four pine creek had slipped on the play which left mesa ridges wide receiver open unfortunately king could not get him the football and now i believe dj king is down hughes as i said he was facing a rush from the blindside being a lefthanded quarterback it was coming around the right side of the line of scrimmage he just got rid of it before you guy hit.

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