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Twitter rant Friday night, even included him responding to one of your tweets. Right? And it all started with Sirius XM did their training camp show, and I work for Sirius XM and they, they tweeted about about some comments from Stephen Jones where he said, you know, I think it'll be a little bit better this year for Dak Prescott because he won't have designate as year all the time, wanting the ball to some degree. To some degree also having Jason Witten, you know, in his year, wanting the ball, a net just set Dez Bryant off. I mean, he went off. He went, he was on Twitter for like an hour, two hours and some of the ones that that really, I mean, he talked about scapegoat and said, it was the play calling, which I thought was interesting. But then later, you know, he really ripped into Jerry Jones calling the owner clueless. He called, you know. He called out Travis Frederick and Sean Lee to teammate, Sean lease make only you know, and basically intimate, they got him fired called out the coordinator. I mean, he went on a roll. He went on a big time, big time rant. And I, I tweeted after it did that. This is obviously a guy that is looking to get hired, wants to play football now. Suppose he's turned down an offer to, but he obviously wants to play, hasn't gotten the offer you wanted yet. This just doesn't help. So I tweeted. If you're an unemployed football player, looking for a job, I don't recommend publicly calling out your previous owner coordinator and teammates. Dan is such a bad look. I mean, especially the teammates, but the owner, this is part of the reason why team wouldn't wanna sign Dez. They'd be worried that he'd go off on them. So I put that PSA if you're an unemployed football player looking for a job, but don't recommend publicly calling out your previous owner coordinator and teammates. And Dez said, I'm not looking for nothing. So let's set the record straight. I just decided not to take no s-h-i-t from anybody anymore. Go rerun the summer. I haven't seen or talked about my future with the Jones. All summer's last day of free agency. I got cut no four here at me. Next time. Is what he said, and I got a lot of people by the way. That you know were that mentioned you should've added him, you should've added him. I don't know. I've seen other people do that and then they get accused of trolling. They get accused of trying to get a rise out of somebody. You know, they get people look at that as unprofessional like you're trying to call out a guy. You know, when you add them like that. I don't know what the right protocol is there. I guess I would just say I have over one hundred thousand followers on Twitter. I'm on Twitter. It's a public form. It's not like I'm I called Brian and said something to him, or is that like I was talking behind the guys back or something. I kind of put it on Twitter for over one hundred eight thousand people or more to see. Like I, I wasn't hiding from it or Dez Bryant. People are like, you're your coward. How could you do? I wasn't hiding from it. I, I kinda posted it on a social media platform. But I've seen that go both ways where he then you at the player and people say, you're just trying to troll him and you're just trying to get a reaction from them. So I don't know which ones right or wrong. I didn't add them. He saw it which I kind of figured he would. And really at this point, I'm not even sure I was talking to him because he'd already done it. You know, obviously I was talking about him, but it's just not smart..

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