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A woman told Naperville police that two men wearing ski masks probe into her home in the twenty six hundred block of high meadow road around seven forty five and held her at gunpoint electronics and cash were taken from the home. The woman was not hurt responding officers were unable to track down the two men, but thority say the robbery was not random, and they don't believe neighbors are at risk of being targeted anti day. Newsradio on one zero five point. Nine FM. Minnesota Senator Amy klobuchar has entered the field for the democratic nomination for presidency announced her candidacy before a crowd in Minneapolis club joins and already crowded field of candidates CBS news, political analyst, Leonard Steinhorn tells us what club reputation is behind closed doors in Washington, she has difficult and even at times allegedly nasty with her staff not somebody who's perceived as a good boss high turnover among staff in her office. Now, her defenders will say that she's demanding not abusive that she's hard driving not mean, and that people mistake high expectations and high standards with somebody who could be seen as mean or difficult. Global shower later told reporters that she is not difficult to get along with and let member. Staff had left invariably for better jobs. WBZ news time to thirty six. The gift of diamonds for the price of flowers. JC penny. Save up.

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