Simon Mccoy, BBC, Kensington Palace discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show ON DEMAND - The Day the Fued Was Over


While an interesting let's all retire simon mccoy he is a an anchor for the bbc and it's tough to be in anger right now because you're getting breaking news about stories that are very important in major and then other stories like this just got this coming in from kensington palace and his we just got through the rule harnesses the duke and duchess of cambridge are delighted to confirm they're expecting a baby in april now very monday announced that she was pregnant back in september it was thought he was ram to three months pregnant on large news this is bending rates april so knr is get the tone book till because that's what i'm doing and if let you just coming in from kensington palace you're watching craft yesterday there is based on your third child they're expecting their third child but as a guest as an anchor and you get that breaking news in your ear saying hey we get this big news in the ucs you expect something bigger than that yeah and he kinda kinda sounded like cell is news that's big news there that frame framers like why nobody is also thinking like wait a second she just had a baby she had all right charlie putin attention sounds like this area does he got this though that tonight that signed in mccoy yeah we know attention by the way did you see charlie poos tweet out and reach on an instagram to haul z after she did this sonangol liberation loved it all right so we know how it sounds now but originally attention was supposed to sound a little different little classical so charlie puzzo ryan seacrest and talked about what the song was supposed to sound like an moon it was supposed to be.

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