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Mick Mulvaney, President Trump, White House discussed on Rush Limbaugh


From Mick Mulvaney the panic that people are saying is coming from investors it's coming from Wall Street those are not people who are trying to bring president trump down president trump delivered significant tax cuts and deregulatory policy for those people this is the White House through Mick Mulvaney like outside allies Rush Limbaugh and others like the president like Republicans on Capitol Hill who were trying to make excuses for situation that is going badly for the White House what exactly is going badly for the White House Mr Harwood what exactly is going badly the response to the actual program has been good it's people like you were running around talking about this being an opening for the Democrats good people like you ratcheting up the panic talking about the inevitability of the apocalyptic nature of this what what what what the actual problem what response are you talking about trump's press conference what what what this is as Michael Michael fox on telly is a big if I go through the notes here when I go to any story on the Democrat primary or any other Democrat candidates there's not a single reference to corona virus not a single one by the way you people a media wondering where Mike pence's today's a fundraiser he's gonna be right here in this studio in a matter of ten minutes yeah I say be a good day to go to the apple TV app store and download the new Rush Limbaugh this numbers show taxis in can be a pain but it is worth it when you open the mailbox and get the.

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