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We've just got to get to a place where we know is cleaned from the get go and they keep it that way and so. That's what we did. We bought a new construction home. Put a bunch of technology into the ac system to keep the humidity levels really low and to sterilize the air and ever since that. I've seen a huge improvement. Energy levels have gotten better. Memory has gotten better. Sleep has gotten better but the falling asleep is still an. It's still a challenge but it's definitely moving in the right direction and so can you tell us know from the very beginning. What happens to someone like myself. Who goes through a severe reaction to a toxic mold exposure. Why did that happen with me. Versus somebody else in y. Can i now smell mold. Whenever i walk into a house or room when most people are just completely unaffected by. It's still yeah. Sure and this is. The kicker is at thirty percent up to thirty percent of population has a genetic sensitivity to mold in it. specifically micro-toxins is at a part of the mole that causes the on us that we inhale and so that seventy percent could live in the same old environment that you're in and have no troubles whatsoever and are not sensitive unless they were exposed to a really large dose than they may have some mild symptomology. So that's the first thing is that you're genetically sensitive and then you're in the environment for period of time and the longer end sicker. You can get 'em when you get this such a strong response. There is something that occurs. Were your limbic system becomes dysfunctional and as a result of when your body is exposed to a threat the normal processes that the cell of specifically the mighty connor which makes her energy shuts down so it can preserve energy in. Say for example. For when there's a pathogen like a virus that comes in so doesn't hijack your own injured energy-making material and so shuts down and that's a normal process for period of time till the threat passes and then it will recycle into where the mitochondria become active again but for some unknown reason a portion of patients stay in the cell danger response so then the only thing only way the body knows to response as as if it's under constant threats of that constant fighter flight you fell and then being now particularly sensitive the other symptoms. You'll see that nothing. The patient doesn't get better no.

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