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Jonathan was making all the decisions for them at the time. So I think that the you know, it was just they were on autopilot. And they just weren't thinking. It makes me sad that Ryan or a feels like Ryan or taymor. My like those are the two options for leaving on Monday. Or on today? The that's very sad to me. Taymor is not out of it completely. This idea of victim taymor over over Dina has not been discussed too much. However, given how done with her Natalie and low low are if if KEDO can bring Dina in on a conversation with them and get Dina to pledge your loyalty to them. It would not surprise me if they were willing to vote vote tomorrow. Which would mean, we either lose taymor or Ryan, which is like those are two of the best people in the house right now in terms of entertainment, which is it's upsetting. It's upsetting veto should be live tonight on the episode don't that's just sitting at home right now throwing stuff at his TV when he's gonna watch this competition in his there's just no way I feel like these guys will win this petition even with their backs against the wall. They need this competition. I just don't without the brains. They're like, you said just don't see it happening. If this was physical competition by all means, they have you know, like Cato said of fifty fifty shot. At it. It's not an it. Just it sucks. Ac- someone that needs that has her life in the game on the line that needs to come through competition. And I don't think they will. And that's the thing where you they keep talking about how big of like other such big threats these two guys they're gonna win all the competitions. They're such big threats. And I feel like again, this is just like lack of big brother knowledge, where like yes, you know, Ryan one one competition which was a swinging competition, and he won it with Jonathan. And it was kind of a weird one. And like, yeah, he won. But also barely anybody else wanted to win and he just managed to figure out how to swing a swing. Then he beat Jonathan one person. And he didn't do so very convincingly either. He's lost every other competition. Then we've got Joey who hasn't won any competitions yet the best competition. He. Was able to do he was beat by Kato? Who it was a physical endurance competition? He was beat by Kato. These guys are not threats. They are never gonna win any mental competitions. According to how they study they are not threats. They are. So they are just like they are cute little puppy dogs. Who are just so willing to take any master that just picks. This gives them some pets in says. Oh, good boys could boys and then can feed them some some nice food. And then grow them up into big attack dogs that will be super loyal and will attack people and be big threats in front of you. But nobody wants to use them. They're just they're just they're just remaining puppies. And they're just they're just. Shooing the puppies away. Go I don't I don't want you. I hate you puppy. That's what's happening. And I don't understand. It it blows my mind..

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