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Goods that we can send us going to be good show today i'm excited um so i'm really into my like hour of television alone at night now i am surprised would you like you've you've never really been into tvwatching i haven't i've done in recent years binge watching of their i like an airplanes itself but i notice since i don't travel as much as i used to i don't have any time to watch and and so i'm doing this thing where so now especially now the game of thrones is on tour is really into that so i get private time in my bedroom to watch tv so what you want so a kit like commit to any things so i like to watch things that are like a oneoff so lifetime movie club has this thing where you can stream lifetime movies commercial free which is good 'cause i don't to sit there with the screen were at our system so complicated a pushed his one button to advance that you do it too far than you go backwards the whole thing so lifetime does uh their movies you can stream without commercials and they add a new movie every day so i can pick from all these different movies and then i just watch one so easy is in the green tea and you can watch it anywhere anytime so if i don't finish it at home i could then like in carpool on sitting there watched the last fifteen minutes he go isn't a cool so right now on lifetime movie club they have uh the remake of beaches starring adena manzoni along they have girl in a box were sky creepy will cool the of the memory keepers daughter with dermot mulroney gretchen mall in it and of course the classic mother mislead with danger that tori spelling is in oh if you're one of my listeners you get an exclusive extended one month free trial so if you go to a lifetime movieclub dot com slash heather you get that free onemonth extended trial it's cool they have such good movies on there that they're so like works so the right audience for and i love love love it lifetime movie club dot com slash heather okay stay tuned push shane a moakler and adriana delaware coming up next.

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