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The break i think greg i think tim fitzgerald rising up the charts is one of my favorite guests on cavs louise great emini's he's doubt downright honest he's funny at i don't know if we can get him by better as tim fitzgerald go power to cat com coming up here in just a few minutes tom colin the now former coach baseball coach at will have a high school now she's stepping down today storied career for tom down at will hummel will talk to him here in just a little bit about that career but first let's get back to some comments from shane lyons earlier today one of them greg we spent a lot of time debating this during basque while season on this show should the marshall wvu basketball game return should it beyond the schedule we saw go away i think if you listen to the show with any kind of regularity and no were hunter and i stand on this was shane lyons think about the capital classic returning we haven't had that discussion basketball were focused on having pit back on on the schedule in basketball with marshall and no the catholic classic that's all changed the years obviously though that was once it was started during the legislative session in january that was moved back and all that there was a lot it's the disgusting if if they wanna play will play him here but there has been a lot of interest in that no surprise i still don't like that answer and i death don't even talk to him about playing here i don't like that don't don't worry i'm not getting into that debate now now let's say them for basketball using consistent with that for several years is i've talked to him um played here don't blood what's at a that option i don't wanna played her like in charleston another subject very timely given what we spent last night talking about on the show about.

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