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Have been evacuated Officer John Paxton with the coconino county sheriff's department and said some residents are refusing to leave Folks who want to stay we generally handle waiver we ask person information about next of kin The virus damage the sunset crater volcano national monument Stephen Kauffman CBS News Prescott Arizona Just in the Treasury Department is sanctioning the Russian commercial bank TKB as well as a global network of more than 40 people led by a U.S. designated Russian oligarch and the United Nations has new numbers out saying more than 5000 civilians have been killed since the war began More from CBS Skyler Henry The Russian defense ministry released new video Wednesday of what it says is more than a thousand attacks on Ukrainian targets In the besieged city of mariupol Russian forces have surrounded the steel plant where Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have hunkered down Are Ukrainian marines says we're facing our last days if not last hour The enemy outnumbers us ten to one Russia is also intensifying its attacks on the eastern part of Ukraine it's ending more forces to an area known as the donbas region which is important to Ukraine's economy In Washington's Secret Service officers have shot and killed an intruder at the hum of the Peruvian ambassador to the U.S. police say the officers found a man who had used a piece of metal to smash windows at the home they fired stun guns which didn't stop the man they then shot him D.C. police chief Robert Conti We don't see these types of SNS or out here This is totally out of the ordinary.

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