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To travel commercial, and we make plans to do that until they met station then leaked that were chatting commercially. And that endangers we weren't gonna go because we had a report from Afghanistan that the president. Outing our trip had made the scene on the ground much more dangerous because it just a signal to the bad actors that were coming of the White House denying that it leaked Nancy Pelosi is commercial travel plans at UC Davis today as many as six thousand people many of them law enforcement officers from across the country will gather to remember Davis police officer, Natalie corona the twenty two year old rookie was shot on the job eight days ago. Couple of big protests this weekend one already underway. Thousands of protesters gathering in Washington DC for the annual anti-abortion rights March known as March for life rally, president of March for life genie Manzini says they are committed to ending the practice of abortion in response to this profound social injustice, we have continued to March every single year, regardless of if there's a blizzard right twenty. Regardless of if there's subzero temperatures twenty fourteen right? Or even this year a government shutdown? The national women's March is Saturday morning in Washington DC, it is one of dozens of large women's marches taking place across the country. Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum. Reports in some cities there will be competing demonstrations this after the national organization faces allegations that it fosters anti-semitism a large rally and March is happening on Manhattan's Upper West side. Tomorrow bitch really is the year of women Catherine's to me, I'll go is founder of the women's March alliance. She sees the changing face of congress as the result of women's marches across the US one in five in congress. Forty five of them being women of color, but a competing rally is taking place further downtown put on by a group affiliated with the national organization women's March Inc. Simion go, thanks. The national group has become divisive. That's not a group that wants to be inclusive in recent weeks, the leaders of women's March Inc. Have been defending themselves against claims that they fostered anti-semitism. Within the group. Steve kastenbaum. New york. Fighting for better pay and smaller class sizes Oakland. Teachers are holding a one day sick out today. The teacher is marching from Oakland tech high school to the school district headquarters this morning fact, they were at last report headed down Broadway. Some traffic issues were a re a rising because of that little check your traffic in just a moment district says classes are in session today, though, with substitute teachers at the helm a high surf advisory in place through five PM for the bay area coastline waves between twenty five to thirty five feet are expected along our shores with some spots expected to get the occasional forty five foot wave. The national weather service says visitors checking out bay area beaches should stay off rocks and jetties and this weekend. We'll also bring a total lunar eclipse called also called the super blood wolf moon Sunday night and early Monday morning, it'll be visible for just about an hour about nine pm Sunday. But cloudy cover could get in our way here in the bay. Area. This report sponsored by the United Airlines rock and roll half. Marathon, San Francisco run the Golden Gate Bridge at the United Airlines rock and roll half marathon, San Francisco, April seventh register now at run rock and roll dot com. That's run rock and roll dot com. Again, Oakland teachers marching down, Broadway and Oakland. We'll check your traffic.

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