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Six thirty eight on the morning news let's go the sportsdesk colleagues as the day gyll good morning to get out of the texas heat that was the simple plant for the houston texans organization in the primary reason why they move their training camp out of houston for the first time and to the greenbriar the average temperature in texas this time of year ninety five ninety six degrees average temperature at the greenbrier in the low 80s jackson's play by play voice mark vandermeer says the threeweek cap has a chance to bond is well they're really look at bordeaux being requested bill o'brien like or take the table way from all he loved what had gone to the hotel being away from all good distraction under every most to them and beat abbaker fully focused on football bob didn't get better on the grid iron and habitat average high of 83 83 degrees whatever it is texans begin preseason practice at the greenbrier attend thirty this morning they'll continued use the facility through august the seventy deep giants beat the pirates eleven to three tuesday night yankees four the reds to tap over baltimore fought for milwaukee eight washington nothing morning news time is six forty wchs when the kanawha valley needs to know they tune 580 wchs she was boston and accelerate and then lit on rug drop porch her close all put fire out you just go away paul ward winning coverage delivered around the clock from the area's only twenty four hour newsroom the voice of charleston hughes 965 fm 580 am wchs the yankees 42 win over the reds tuesday night featured a rare runscoring triple play todd frazier in his first atbat with the yankees was at the plate with the bases loaded the hidden was six four three doubleplay a runs scored and then the reds throughout a runner at third so frazier hits into the runscoring triple play the yankees beat the reds 42 reds finished with just three hits louise custodio suffer the loss save two teams play against that.

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