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For John Marks, Find me on the Twitter had put him up. See Dukes, um, started my hand Rogers earlier Iran saying that he's a jerk. When I say that you hear that? Oh, my God. He called him a jerk, not saying he's a jerk is a person saying how he's handling this whole Jordan love. I'm mad at the organization situation to get what he wants, but he's not the first guy to do it. You know, And so guys write this up on Twitter about that. A couple of big shout outs to Emanuel also, Jason, Jason Longshore down in the A. T. L thank you so much. Jason Appreciate your comments, but, yeah, I just, you know, and we'll jump back into this thing because it's the biggest story right now. In football Now, eventually we're gonna get to camp. We're gonna get toe rookie minicamps, which is some already happening as a matter of fact. Which I'm about to talk about here, the sec and you know we'll get to back to the football. That's a games which which is really what matters. But you know this whole thing. I'm not returning to the team. Okay, okay. I want to see that. I mean, honestly. If he does, He's got huge stones. If he doesn't return, I will be shocked. Now I won't be shocked. If he gets training is I think he's putting the onus on the team to make a decision. But this whole thing about him walking away and I mention this earlier in the show, he's gonna pay back $30 million I don't know about all that. 855 to 1 to four. CBS is the phone number. I want to talk to Tony in Atlanta. Tony, you're on CBS Sports radio. What's going on, Tony? You What's going on Car Deuce? I listen to you out of time and a cl man. Thank you, sir. Appreciate you. Thank you. Yeah. So going back to what you were saying earlier about. You know the new players showing excitement when they do things, It's the old school mentality. Is the problem. You know these young guys, they wanna have fun. They show their emotions. But these old school guys they're still in the game is the problem and I want to get Make a point about what I saw last night watching the Braves. They pitch run up on you inside pretty much that whole game until he got hit right on. A lot of those pictures was Who you know a foot out of the strike zone. It was called a strike. What bothers me is Brian snicker. Not one time R get none of those calls. Back in the day when Bobby talks with the Braves manager man he stood up for everybody. I don't care if he was a star or use a triple A player just came up and Bobby Cox saw some. He didn't like he's gonna argue, and that's why he got throwed out so much. But brush Nick is the one is the problem for Rana Tonja because he made a comment last night that I really didn't like in his press conference, he said. When he asked about Freddie Freeman hit the home run, and he said that they're talking about Freddy. You don't show emotion and Brian Sticker, said Freddy screaming, run around the base of the way he's supposed to be, Oh, said. I said, now that right there is the problem with baseball and guys like Brian snicker who need to get out the game. He's too old. He's in his seventies. I mean, he did what he's supposed to have a Appreciate all he did, but that is the problem with baseball. He never takes up for Ronald Cornea at all. And they pinch runner Kunio inside all the time. He don't call. He don't argue, no strikes. When it come to run, I'll call you were on a call, You'll get hit. He don't say nothing and then and then depressed after he also said. That? No, I don't think that was intentional. They went up and inside to the man face twice, and he said it wasn't in session and I got it. He hit that to hit him last night. Runako, You hit a home run off inflect, and he didn't like it. So you know, that's that's the problem to me. Do I think it's the old school mentality is was holding these guys back from from really taking the game to another level? Alright. Appreciate you do Tony appreciate you. On. But all fairness. I did not hear those comments that Tony's talking about. So you know, I will, at some point get a chance to hear those comments. But I'm just gonna take his word for it and comment off of that, okay? Um, it's entertainment snit, Brian sneakers. They're really good manager. Probably don't want manager of the year last year again for the Braves. I know the Dodgers are loaded and, you know, Yankees air coming on now. I know AP the producer here, CBS Sports Radio for me. He's Ah Mets guy your Mets got right. Is that right? Yes, I am. But baseball is a much bigger problem than players showing emotion. I'm not opposed to it. But at the same time, it's not something I've never said to someone. Hey, did you see that backflip in last night's game, or did you see how we tried it around the bases like I'm not against it, But Baseball needs more action. I mean, the fact that the ball is never put in play. That's the real issue with baseball. Not that the lack of emotion from the players show With the bad flip or how they trot around the bases or in a pitcher strikes out somebody and they pump their fist again. I'm not opposed to it, but I've never said Hey, did you see how that picture pumped his fist after the strike out last night? We need more. We need the ball put in play and more We didn't meet..

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