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Thinking about selling your investments and getting out of the market right now hi I'm Rick Adelman with four quick questions before you do do you have a diversified portfolio is your personal situation and or your long term financial goals unchanged are you rebalancing your portfolio like you should and do you have sufficient cash reserves if you answered yes to all four questions you don't need to change your investments but if you didn't answer yes to all four then call us right here at element financial engines right now if you're not properly positioned to weather this storm you could be at risk we've helped thousands of people just like you get through wild markets just like this one over the past three decades and we can help you get through this crisis too if you're at all uncertain call us at triple eight plane wreck extrapolate plane wreck or visit us at Rick Adelman dot com that's rice Gelman dot com call us and call us right now hello WCB and audience I have some very good news and we all need good news I'm happy and proud to announce that Dr at laser and cosmetic and advanced dentistry has re opened for business so you no longer have to put off getting that million dollar smile be appears implants implant retained dentures what ever it takes to get you looking and feeling at your best Dr laser can make it come true for you Dr Lieser and is highly trained staff for practicing all federal and local protocols for safety physical distancing hand sanitizing areas and ninety five M. level forty masks face shields disposable protective coats and caps air purifiers throughout the office and cleaning after every appointment are some of the protocols doctor Lazar and his staff are doing to make sure you're safe it's time to smile again get your million dollar smile by calling doctor Lazar at four ten three five six seven seven nine nine or online at cosmetic dentist Baltimore dot com because medic tennis Baltimore dot com David Horowitz is new book about president trump is out it's called blitz in blitz for which warns that antifa wants to stop trump and crush our freedoms let's predicted that.

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