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KTAR news ninety two three FM. From ABC news. I'm Michelle Franzen. Brad Kavanagh sworn in as supreme court Justice last night. It followed a showdown on the Senate floor with protesters shouting from the gallery as vice President Mike Pence led the final voting process. Sergeant at arms will restore order in the gallery. Protesters taking to the streets outside the capitol and supreme court following the confirmation vote police say they made more than one hundred fifty arrests. Meantime, President Trump before leaving for a rally in Kansas celebrated the confirmation congratulated him. I said congratulations was well thought I mean who would have thought a thing like that could have happened what he's been through. Now, the Justice Brad Kavanagh has been sworn in. What are some of the cases that the justices may take up? The supreme court has about forty open cases, currently some of those of already been heard. But looking ahead. There are some key cases already on tap. One of the most watched will likely be gamble v. United States a case concerning double jeopardy, and whether the court should do away with these separate sovereigns exception that means someone could be tried for the same crime. I'm in different sovereigns, for example, being tried for the same crime in federal court and separately in state court. The question being whether that violates the fifth amendment's double jeopardy protection. Mark Remillard, ABC news secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, calling his meeting with Kim Jong UN and North Korea promising. Tom pale making his remarks after landing in Seoul, South Korea in Haiti a major earthquake has rocked the island ABC's general Colston has more from the foreign desk magnitude five point nine earthquake struck Saturday night, there are eleven deaths so far but Haitian authorities say several homes and a hospital were severely damaged. Meanwhile, disaster workers in Indonesia, say the death toll from last week's earthquake and Sonani has jumped now more than seventeen hundred people confirmed dead. And there are concerns that five thousand people are still missing. You're listening to ABC news. Have you ever thought about saying goodbye to your job just walking into your boss and saying I quit, and how would you.

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