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The president's hands considering the slow response or is that too hard of a criticism I think that's a little too harsh sixty point eight million Americans in two thousand and nine and two thousand and ten one quid pro quo Joe was the vice president of the United States contracted the swine flu that pandemic they waited until a thousand Americans were dead before Obama himself went out and said yeah the national emergency it was praised for it it was health and Human Services secretary did called emergency to get some funding credit there I'm trying to be fair but they didn't it wasn't the death count there wasn't the confirmed cases count also what's missing is I would actually like to see the recovery account at some point now the of the you know I I look at all of this is like what I said earlier I'm watching and I'm watching and I watch and I'm just like I sit there in a state of shock it doesn't matter what Donald Trump will ever do they are never going to say good job he's re written the rules on how future pandemics will be dealt with bands will be immediate quarantine standard testing first drive up then home testing than five minute testing standard public private partnerships will be standard defense protect production act standard FTA you know getting rid of draconian rules when we say that Novartis their CEOs saying I dropped the core Quinn is quote our biggest hope to save lives I'm and others that's that's all going to change as a result of this but they're doing it on the fly because nobody else did it nobody else showed this urgency all right let's get to our phones let's say hi to Mike in Ohio Mike hi how are you glad you called Sir Hey Sean how are you I'm good what's going on okay well I you know let's not forget that there's an election gonna still gonna happen in November and what I hear often make this short I'm here in the in the us deplorables and everybody else we know the trump is going to be elected for sure at this point and I know you'll say well don't ever say that up we're gonna fight all the way through but it's a done deal and here's why we here in America throughout history have not change horses midstream when there's a real genuine crisis and they fan the flames now to the point where whether there is a huge crisis or there isn't but I think there is medically let's face it we're not gonna change streams during the return of the civil war everybody hated Lincoln in his first term but they voted him in again because it was so drastic we couldn't bottom out during World War two in the depression Roosevelt got in four times we were about to change up the Democrats these idiots and I hope they're listed in our policy and Schumer and the rest of these idiots think that by fanning the flames of fear which they're doing right now that's gonna push trump aside finally we are not we are not going to change at this point if the election was tomorrow trump would win by a landslide like we've never seen it just doesn't happen in American history listen I just there's nothing that I see that Democrats have done to make us safer to make us more secure to have increased our our prosperity create jobs and frankly this rhetoric this madness this insanity remember they were in the middle of impeaching Donald Trump they had their trial they weren't talking about when the president was instituting a travel ban well you didn't take it seriously well it's pretty serious because he was called a whole bunch of names by doing it and it's you know every single thing that he's done every step of the way it's there's nothing if he cures cancer they'll never say a good word they can't it's not in them I just write that one yeah what just one last thing yesterday I don't you saw it on CNN they brought out are you ready for this you probably so they brought up Stephen King Steven king of all people whose stock in trade is horrifying people as a living and he's very good at it is great author Greg Harper he was on CNN yesterday saying what what's going to happen they have officially the Democrat party and the and the media have officially jumped the shark that was the day yesterday one for a lot of us out here we're just not not gonna listen anymore and I listen to CNN but not anymore that that they have scraped the bear if they've gone as low as you can possibly go by bringing out the Mister fear factor himself Stephen King my god it's it's it's it's beyond insane long live Donald Trump is the perfect now but work your head in the right direction I wish November third which is tomorrow to be honest with you listen I think you know my hope is I think the reason the president I again I'm I'm speculating here but I think based on what what the medical experts around him are saying is Hey we we gotta dig in a little longer well going to cure all the cancer with not gonna leave a little bit behind because if we do that we might have a rebound in the US and that I think was the reason for the decision to expand what the measures were now taking through April the thirtieth so I like it now does everybody in America want to get back to normal life yes if the patterns hold we're gonna see a leveling and then after the the leveling hopefully we'll see what happened in in South Korea and other countries and that is that a precipitous decline and we begin to stop the virus and then that means we can get back to normal life and then when the economy by the way in the second quarter is crap which it will be then they'll say are Donald Trump ruin the economy well I want to see what the third quarter numbers look like because if my belief in the American people this is dying to get back to work I believe that everyone I talk to I want to get back to normal life I want to work now I want to do this R. I think we could have the biggest turnaround literally if you talk about you and then simple does rise that's what I'd like to see for the country's sake you know what's on yeah I I was thinking about this over the weekend as I talk to my little boy who can't understand why you can't see as friends and you can't go to school and you want to know about the virus and why is the virus hurting people and so on and so forth and I was thinking about you know eight years of Barack Obama and that mantra of hope and change and how the president was trying to instill a little bit of hope a little bit of you know just just promise that maybe would be able to see each other on Easter Sunday and then of course you know Valjean Burke said no that's not a good idea but at least he is a little bit of hope right we're looking at hope we're hoping that we can find a cure were hoping that governors will pull together were hoping that democratic mainstream media will stop playing politics with people's lives and and just you know dispel with all of the morbidity every single night there's some I'm just gonna go it's horrible yeah but showing you know nothing nothing you know your son will join you soon then at least you're giving people a little bit of hope you know we're gonna we're gonna talk to different doctors look at different things you know who hates me right now Dr oz Dr Josh number all my doubt but Dr Pete Dr Steve Dr all my doctor friend take me right and I don't really hate me they just know that I'm obsessed I don't think I was texting doc warning and I said did you see this did you see that you're obsessed with looking for something positive the answers these people are out there trying to tear down the little bit of hope the people are building up in the midst of something of the like I have never seen I understand the reality of what politics are I get it I eat it there there is no look in many ways there's only one antidote you that this is where the choice comes it this is now the tipping point this now factors into okay the election quid pro quo Joe has a record on dealing with a pandemic he has a record on the economy he has a record without horrific Iranian deal that record will also be on the ballot assuming he's on the ballot I mean there's so much speculation Andrew Cuomo was going to take his place well to be interesting to watch them try and pull that one off and I'm willing to talk about Andrew Cuomo's record is as often as possible listen I wanted a good relationship with Andrew Cuomo we put our money where we even blue breaks that day because he was saying let's all get together you know I see all the press conferences at the Javits center that would be the president who built that the president brought the ship it the president that sent him four thousand ventilators they throw in a warehouse and he hadn't you know now in his third term is that enough boondoggles out there that he's wasted so much money of the taxpayers of New York and you know here all these things occur I need forty thousand I'm like you're not using the four you have we're trying to get him built as quickly as we can every company is you know stepping up to the challenge I think we'll have them in time is my guess based on everything I hear everybody saying about it but you know what would you know he spent seven hundred fifty million dollars for a total solar panel factory in upstate New York that yeah closed down ninety million for a light bulb company in California that didn't work out either six hundred million for a computer chip factor read that sits empty how many gallons masks respirators ventilators gloves could be a purchase with just us us up a smidgen of this money that he wasted so it just isn't adding but you're not going to stop them from playing politics when it comes to power for many it is the ultimate aphrodisiac if you will is the ultimate goal that's all they care about right now I'd like to see Americans stay healthy save as many lives as possible get to the other side of this and hopefully the pattern holds and we go on and become and we live our normal American life that's what everybody wants and why you're working from home you know we have great advertisers that are awesome products right X. share that consulting to it better I'm sitting at my ex chair right now and you know it's amazing everybody knows what car they drive right you know more likely than not what mattress is set up I bet you don't know what chair you sit in every day and you're probably in that chair for those of you that do office work eight ten twelve fourteen hours a day I love this church it makes a difference I never thought that a chair could make such a big difference in my life it does and X. share has their patented dynamic variable lumbar support it's called the V. 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