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Two percent last year to seventy eight point seven percent over the last four years. The rate has gone up. Nearly seven percent education department director cold has last year's increase was across the board. We're also excited that this year's rate increases occurred for every student group, including historically underserved, student groups, you'll says programs started to keep kids in school are paying off. He says that the legislature approves the governor's requests for preschool education. Smaller class sizes a longer school year and career and technical education. The graduation rate will improve even more and the grad rates in the Portland public school district increased two percent last year to seventy nine percent. That's a twenty six percent increase over the last ten years. It is the third year in a row that Portland's rates been better than the state's average the graduation rate for black and African American students increased five percent a kidnapping victim was rescued by police in Newport earlier this month sergeant Lance coming says it started with a traffic stop. He observed a vehicle. Well, driving that had expired tags on license plate and initiated a traffic. Stop and things develop from there. The female victim was driving the car. A male passenger walked away. Police say the time they had no reason to arrest him. The investigation found the woman had been kidnapped in California and had been held an extended period of time. She was forced to take drugs raped strangled and assaulted police found the suspect year old Lassen ranking in Toledo Oregon took him into custody. He has charged with kidnapping assault and rape, Oregon Republican Representative Greg Walden wants the government shutdown to be over the bend bulletin reports that he held a town meeting in band over the weekend leading off the plea for civility. He reminded the crowd that he voted with Democrats to reopen the government and said that he also supports President Trump's views on border security. Walden says there is a humanitarian crisis at the border and a broken immigration system. And he says both need to be fixed. The five people shot and killed in a c- bring Florida Bank were all women, four were Bank, employees, and one was a customer ABC. Pete combs says police are trying to learn the motive twenty one year old seven saver moved here to see bring Florida from Bremen Indiana, where he went to high school with tamra macvicar is daughter. But here in see bring there's nothing, but dismay Sharon spelane says she knows abors parents a very big the overriding question is why why would someone simply walk into a Bank and kill five people in cold blood. So far, no answers. Pete combs, ABC news. See bring Florida the reward money that was meant for the person who found Jamie class. We'll go to Jamie during the search for Jamie clause, Hormel foods, Geno, Turkey's store announced a twenty five thousand dollar reward for information leading to the person or persons who took the thirteen year old girl and killed her. Parents Jim and Denise Kloss worked. At the Turkey store in Barron county now the Jamie is safe and a twenty one year old suspect is in custody. The company says the money will instead go to Jamie, those who spotted the girl after she escaped captivity and called police have said they don't want the reward money. Ryan burrow, ABC news. They harassment investigation that brought the resignation of Oregon state Senator Jeff crews has led to a full review of harassment at the capital. The committee on capitol culture was formed to help make the change. Ages necessary to end harassment. Attorney PK rankles Pearson says harassment is especially difficult at the capitol where there are so many people in power harassment in particular is based on power. It starts with power and power associated with privilege, a special work group recommends creating an equity office, it would organize training and conduct investigations other proposals include new laws to better define harassment. And whether to set a limited time for when accusations can be reported, the number of confirmed measles cases in Clark county remains a Twenty-three today, but health officer, Dr Ellen Melnik says they have seven suspected cases suspect cases might be folks who are exposed my have symptoms that are compatible with measles, but don't have the laboratory confirmation. Yeah. It takes a day or two for results of the measles to test to be confirmed. They'll update those numbers this afternoon. No new locations yesterday where people with the disease visited the Clark county health department still asking anyone with symptoms of the disease to call ahead before going to a clinic and arranger plan. So other people are. Not exposed Wall Street today. The Dow is down forty eight points. Nasdaq is up thirty two s and p's.

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