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Think he's just made claims about gender differences in personality and how this might actually be some sort of explanation for what people putatively consider bias in things like hiring speaking of politics which you love we there was a recent study published that cast some light on the way our political orientation might prime us to do things in private in the private arena like white bar butts wipe our asses yeah this is some sort of hot off the press story from study from the institute of interdisciplinary political and fecal science in england i you know i i applied there i got a apa interview but i didn't end up getting the anon campus yeah no i just got a rejection letter three months later that was smeared and shit that could be good they were really they were really hard at work when they sent it to me this is he sent me this earlier today which really again a hoax article but this one's like really they just like phoned it in but it's hilarious i mean it's it's a hoax article so we've talked about one other hoax article in detail but it's this one is designed to expose the nature of predatory journals and that's it it's not designed to expose anything about social psychology and this kind of research it is just to show that predatory journals will publish anything and am by predatory journals is just journals i guess that they zisti by authors paying them to publish things right by libraries subscribing to them that's right so so you know it's a really ugly practice that that i think is bad for everybody but yeah you get emails i don't know if you get any of these emails saying like hey submit your work to and then some really generic sounding journal and and you could just tell what they want is for you to to send them whatever bullshit you want and they'll publish publish it right so let's let's say what this is so it's called by jerry j lewis right actually what it's the pseudo name of gary lewis a psychologist who published this testing inter hemispheric social priming theory in a sample of professional politicians a brief report it's kind of just brilliantly written here the abstract the current study has a critical prediction from inter hemispheric social priming theory in the sample of professional politicians we asked the question of whether one's political preferences are manifested in the hand used wild cleaning one's posterior we find compelling evidence from a sample of professional politicians in the uk and equals eight that this is most certainly the case the finding is a breakthrough and has implications for organizational management and beyond so the idea was if you're if you're a politician on the right you will wipe your ass with your left hand and vice versa that's the diction and it was the the results are striking startling confirmed it's it's and presumably this this is a tight theoretical story because as we all know the right part of your brain controls less out of your body your brain controls right side of your body so so like obviously this is a very very well thought out prediction coming from the neuro scientific expertise i don't know there's like a lot of great quotes in there are so so the methods are that the the authors recruited participants from a uk political institution referred to colloquially as houses of parliament and and they went up to politicians on the street these are fake names but intended to be theresa maybe try to did it mean deming research assistant goes up to the.

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