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Coming up. Former police officer Derek Coburn pleads the fifth, choosing not to testify in his own defense will have the latest. Also New Jersey launches a unique lawsuit against Gunmaker Smith and Wesson. Some say it could be as consequential is lawsuits against Big tobacco. But it targets adds This lawsuit, if successful, could be the first window that the public ever really has into the inner workings of a gun maker and major League Baseball honors. Jackie Robinson, the man who Broke the game's color barrier. Robinson's life offers a lens to view our current racial reckoning. No, it's really powerful at this moment is that Jack Post Baseball was very active in the civil rights movement. The news is first. Live from NPR news. I'm Laxmi, saying the fate of the former police officer charged with killing George Floyd will be in the hands of a Minneapolis jury. Within days. The jurors will hear closing arguments Monday in Derrick Show Vince trial, then they deliberate while sequestered at a downtown hotel under the protection of the National Guard. Today, Judge Peter Cahill told the jurors to prepare I think the one thing that you need to know today as you leave is how much do I pack? If I were you? I would plan for long and hope for short. Basically, it's up to the jury. How long you deliberate how long you need to come to unanimous decision on any count as they weigh the basis for second degree murder or a lesser charge? The jurors will consider the last few weeks of dramatic testimony from Floyd's relatives, as well as from expert witnesses who've given differing assessments of what caused Floyd's death. Prosecution says it was show Vince Neon Floyd's neck for more than nine minutes. The defense argues heart disease and drug use were factors show Vin declined to take the stand. Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump says the racial justice movement around Floyd, another police related killings, is making a difference today. He spoke to this week's arrest of another police officer days after she fatally shot a 20 year old black man outside Minneapolis. Dante, right, did get a charge and an arrest of the officer that shot and killed him. The former officer Kim Potter makes her first court appearance later this hour. She's charged with second degree manslaughter. Democrats in the House are turning their attention to a big ticket item on President Biden's legislative agenda. NPR's Windsor Johnson reports. Lawmakers say work is underway to craft A bill on the president's $2.3 trillion proposal, toe upgrade this country's infrastructure. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the door is open for bipartisan cooperation on the president's infrastructure Bill Building, the roads, bridges broadband this there's safety issues, water supplies. Health issues as well. It's vastly popular in a bipartisan way with a slim majority in the House. Democrats have little room for differences when it comes to passing the bill. Congressional Republicans have criticized the scope of Biden's infrastructure plan and how he's planning to pay for it. Speaker. Pelosi says she's aiming to bring the legislation to the House floor by the end of May. Windsor Johnston. NPR NEWS Washington Secretary of State Antony Blinken is made a previously unannounced visit to Afghanistan to reassure Kabul about the U. S is alliance. His trip came a day after President Biden announced plans to withdraw all American troops by September, 11th, which is the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on U. S soil. You're listening to NPR news Live from KQED News. I'm Raquel Maria Dylan, Windsor Mayor Dominic for Poli and refused to resign during a council meeting he ran last night. Multiple women have accused him of sexual assault. The police sat throughout the extraordinary zoom session while members of the public urged him to step down. I have had my butt grabbed by him, and I have seen some of the things that people Are referring to roll in this meeting with you were waiting for you to do the right thing which is resigned and you're not. I have no longer any trust in you or confidence in you to be the leader of my town. That was Carson Davis, Michael to Tori and Sandy Reynolds for Poli insisted on sharing the hours long meeting. He has denied the allegations and would not back down last night. I have my head held high because I know deep in my heart that I have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be clear. Fellow council member Deborah Fudge begged him to reconsider. If you love Windsor as much as you said you always have, then you need to resign tonight so that we could move on and start the healing process. Another council member had to recuse herself from the discussion because she has also reported that the mayor assaulted her. Mayor eventually logged off. That meant the meeting had to adjourn for lack of Corum. The board that oversees the West Contra Costa Unified School District has selected Kenneth Hearst to be the district's next superintendent. Hearst will be the first permanent black superintendent for the district, which serves close to 30,000 students. He succeeds Matthew Duffy, who decided not to seek a contract extension. I'm Richelle Maria Dylan KQED News Support today comes from Oakland International Airport with new flights to Orlando, Atlanta and Denver. Oakland airport dot com and support for NPR comes from Subaru with a 2021 Subaru Forester featuring standard symmetrical all wheel drive and safety technology. Love. It's what makes Subaru Subaru learn Mauritz Subaru dot com and by the listeners and supporters of KQED Public Radio. From NPR and W bur. I'm Robin Young. 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