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Moving people and innovation forward. Let's get the update now Ben reby. All right, Kyle, we'll start with the NBA the wizards having won two straight and 6 of their last 9 and today the wizards looking to complete a two game sweep over the ramp there's wizards took the opener on Thursday night against Toronto with Glenn consort and wizards guard Jordan Goodwin suggesting postgame, strong defensive play among the keys of late for the wizards. It's collectively as a team the last two games there's been improvements in that area. Yeah, I mean, we had a team. Yeah, we had a meeting. Like we said, we need guys to step up. What did you say in your meeting? Basically gotta step up. Don't worry about scoring. Do your job. And my job is to go out there and defend first. Glenn consort wizards guard Jordan Goodwin on the wizard's radio network wizards and raptors today at 5 on 1500 a.m. on campus, senior day in Charlottesville, where we're Virginia takes on Louisville at two with a win today, UVA would clinch the number two seed in next week's ACC tournament. Elsewhere a four 30 tip in findi bottom George Washington seeking a 5th straight win, their regular season finale as they take on VCO the latest on the local college hoop scene available now on the sports page on WTO P dot com, Dave Preston's latest beltway basketball beat all the scenarios as we inch closer towards March Madness. Meanwhile, on the women's side, conference tournaments well underway this weekend in the Big Ten Maryland said to face Iowa this afternoon in the semifinals in the NHL tonight the capitals continue their western road trip as they visit the San Jose sharks. Ben rabi WTO P sports. Ben, thanks 9 56. The following is a paid commercial

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