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Is six. Oh, six Goodman. I am the envious Tim van orange six hundred W R E C ninety two point one FM the iheartradio app. I saw you on social media this weekend. It wasn't envious of that. Because anybody can get on there, and it's not like an exclusive club. But it like you went out and had a dining experience, you you're a little bit of a little bit of a traveler going to off the beaten path slightly the family had never been to bozos barbecue in Mason, Tennessee. Very famous world known. I mean that's been in business for cash go and close to one hundred years Mason is that in just inside Shelby county just decide fake and give them seventy and start heading east-northeast. And you'll go through Arlington Mason's, not very far from Arlington. It seems like it's a long way. But I think it's only like eight nine ten miles from Arlington. Okay. But you'll go through Arlington. You'll go through Brighton, which there's a great fish place out and Brighton, Tennessee, if you've ever been to it brain station. All the good food, Georgetown. But I have not been to bozos barbecue. And probably thirty years. I was a teenager. And so anyway, we ended up there. And so the family could see it. I I learned something the first off a couple of things number one. They dig rock one zero two seven in there. Just not what you expect here. When you walk you, which is fine. I mean, ditch was on. And he was great. And but not what you expect to hear a yo in a barbecue. Join out in Mason, Tennessee, but the other thing I learned we're sitting at the table, and my wife and daughter had had gone to the restroom and come back. And she said, oh, did you pick this one on purpose? And I'm like, what do you mean? Well, there's a walk the line poster. And that's the two thousand five movie about Johnny cash. It started Joaquin Phoenix, and Reese Witherspoon one of my one of my favorite movies because I love Johnny cash. All right. And I'm like, okay. Yeah. That's pretty neat. And that of looking around it. And then there's smaller pictures like around the poster. Of them in the diner. Now. Wait a minute. So I get out my phone, and I started googling, and there's a a restaurant scene with just those two that actor and actress there was filmed at bozos barbecue. Now, Tim, I lived here almost all of my life. I was here back when walk the line was filmed at some locations in Memphis, and I did not remember bozos barbecue. Being one of them. Like when the firm was done here back in the nineties. I knew all the places the farm was being filmed, you know, what Tom Cruise. I lived in the delta when the chamber was filmed with Chris, oh, Donald Gene Hackman at drive by almost every day, the old empty K mart parking lot where they parked all the extra vehicles that were from the from a long time ago for the flashback scenes in Indiana. But I just I didn't know this about buzzers barbecue. So it's kind of neat. A little bit of movie history. And your daughter learned a little something yesterday. Well, she knows the movie, and she knows that like the movie and and. You know, we had the the barbecue. Which is. Again. One of those must go to barbecue places. It's funny. How we get so many of those around here we started at Helen's barbecue in Brownsville. But I learned two things number one very small dining area number two cash only, and I didn't have cash next time. I will be better prepared the smell, though, Tim I wished I could have just left my like clothes in there. And let them soak up the smell and then warn them. They were that that smell was incredible. That's that sounds like you you had a fun day. Even even when you didn't get barbecue. The first time you had some good family time you got on the road. And that's a rarity for a lot of folks these days, especially when you're me, and you don't tell them where we're going like we'd been out doing some stuff. And then I just hit this highway and set the cruise my wife's like, what are you doing much Ryden where we going? We're just riding and she kept seeing the signs for are. We going to Brownsville what Brownsville Texas. No, Brownsville, Tennessee. Oh, okay. I I must have took a wrong turn it out with Kirk. I don't know. If you're headed to Brownsville, Texas. Oh, yeah. I'd have been way off the beaten path. Now's good stuff. And and Bozo's fr from my recollection hasn't changed much since I was there thirty years ago. It still got that same looking at same feel which the atmosphere to me is part of what you're paying for. Yeah. It'd be that's that the so many restaurants that you got to separate yourself. You've been there before both has been. They're either with Dave or Ron like fifteen okay? Right down the road on the other side of the highway is the original guesses. Yes. And that was the first place I ever had gusts is at now. I don't think I if memory serves like it's not the original building of guests. They had to rebuild it. But it's the original location where it's sad. I think that's right. And I went there twenty years ago, I guess with Dennis fuller and Ron Martin and Dave will ocean. Dennis had just bought a convertible, the old W M C seven nine and Compton, the convertible on a Friday, and I went out the first time I've ever had gusts chicken. And of course, now, I can go around the Queen go right up here on the poplar in mendenhall and get it your ten minutes away from any guests now by the by the way, speaking of Ron Martin in tribute to NASCAR heck of a race yesterday. Big seventeen car pile up with nine laps to go olive branch guy, Ricky Stenhouse was in second. He had he was involved in two wrecks yesterday. None of which were his fault. In fact, one was heading to pit row. He was in second place when that happened and somebody wiped him out from behind he got back in the race. And then he was in the seventeen car pile up. I think he ended up. I I forget where you're gonna fifteenth seventeenth or something like that. He had a very good day. He was just snake bitten.

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