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Asier tech represent you under state licensing laws in the state of michigan a license public adjusted for major tech is forbidden to represent any other insurance company or any other person as far as representing you in your claim what are they cost it's all done on contingency usually they get three to six times as much as the initial settlement and all insurance policies are not the same you wanna make sure you know what's in your policy and you also want to make sure that you know more importantly sometimes what's not in it you're at their their walk onto thai that they love to talk to you just give them a call find out what's in your policy find out about the company that you're with and they'll minced no words believe me heyzer tech public adjusters eight five five claim five five that's eight five five claim five five as your tech public adjusters eight five five claim five five and please let them know john mccoll censure now on time traffic and weather on the patriot i ninety four westbound at middle belt asks the right lane ninety four westbound at merriman ax to both shoulders of the exit ramp and thirty nine of the southfield northbound ramp to i ninety six westbound that actually has been cleared hindes dry between outer drive in ann arbor trail closed due to flooding and we have heavy traffic unusual sponsored like i 75 northbound between unadi foreign fourteen mile now and i 75 northbound heavy between university drive and jocelyn road i 75 southbound between big beaver and eleven mile is heavy as well your weather forecast tonight showers possible thunderstorm before one a m than a chance of showers and thunderstorms between one am and four am than a chance of showers after four emma laura thirty seven tuesday rain showers likely before four.

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