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The Chanel legacy and is ready to lead the campaign for the new Chanel Gabrielle Chanel fragrance at a private dinner Thursday night to celebrate the launch of the perfume in Los Angeles she said the new fragrance represents Gabrielle coco Chanel in her early days when she was quote creating and building something that still here today Robbie danced and twirled with white and gold bails to the tune of Beyonce's halo in a recent commercial for the perfume she joins Kristen Stewart and Keira Knightley as spaces of the fragrance empire. thousands have gathered in Nepal's capital to receive the blessings of their living goddesses during the annual introductory festival the living goddesses are locally known as Kumari Kumari is a young girl chosen through a series of ancient ceremonies from a specific plan from the new war community during the festival which is celebrated by both Hindus and Buddhists the living goddesses taken around the main parts of Cottman due in a wooden chariots pulled by supporters the festival marks the end of monsoon in the beginning of festival season in Nepal. the Buccaneers get a week one win against the Panthers A. P.'s Brett macmillan reports from Charlotte where the Bucks made a goal line stand to seal the victory Tampa Bay held the Panthers what a touchdown in picking up their first win of the year twenty to fourteen in fact it was the bucs defense the came up big we're just over a minute to go stopping Christian McCaffrey on a fourth and one at the two James Winston quieted his critics with a clean performance including one touchdown pass Peyton barber rushed for a touchdown as well for Tampa Bay the Panthers bald when to both losses at home they got for fuel goes from Joey sly included a pair longer than fifty yards rhetoric melon Charlotte. Hoffman sentence done to McGuire with an A. P. news minute actress Felicity Huffman tells a federal judge in Boston she was frightened stupid and so wrong but you paid fifteen thousand dollars to have someone fix our dollars as a T. scores desperate housewives star centers fourteen days behind bars fine thirty thousand dollars order to perform two hundred fifty hours of community service after pleading guilty to charges as being part of a huge college admissions scandal eighteen year old Adam heard and read is another person suing this jewel young man hospitalized for a while after being for a week last month with the lung disease after using E. cigarettes we don't know what's in them we don't know how people what's causing people like me to suffer such such extreme illnesses and I want to call to my friends and peers to awaken to the reality of the dangers of the jewel in a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune her good writer said since last year he had been buying whole made devices filled with THC off.

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